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This is Shubhan.  Five years ago he was physically and cognitively disabled.  But today, thanks to his mother Tabassum and the input of our multidisciplinary team, he is well on his way to achieve his potential.  Had Tabassum waited and little Shubhan had continued to grow, but disabled cognitively and physically, he would not be where he is today. When he came to SAMADHAN, his life took a leap forward. He can now stand, walk, sing and even talk a few sentences.

This is the story of Tabassum and Shubhan

Early morning at 5.00 am, Tabassum sat on the top step of her small one room house on the upper floor of a resettlement colony in Dakshinpuri, on the outskirts of Delhi. But yet the clutter and the sad debris all around left an ache in her heart as she remembered the beautiful small village in Himachal where she grew up.  It had all changed gradually but very definitely to bring her here to her life in Delhi. How well she remembered Sonu’s first visit. He was the chosen groom for her and had been brought to visit her village and approve of her!  He had been fifteen and she, just nine years old. She remembered her wedding six years later when she was showered with gifts and pampered. So it had been a happy life; at least until her son - Shubhan was born. This, not only changed her own life but that of the whole family. The family soon realized that little Shubhan was a very strange baby. He neither made eye contact nor did he smile and he did not develop the same way other babies did. It gradually dawned upon her and the family that Shubhan was never going to be normal and that all their dreams of a son and future plans had been shattered. People began to blame her. Most traumatic was the family’s changed attitude. She was house bound. Her mother in law said harshly - you will go out and talk about Shubhan and people will know we have been cursed”. Her father in law had also added to this, “for generations we have been a respected family , what will people say  now ?”

But hope came in the form of Sarojini, the door to door survey worker from Samadhan. On seeing Shubhan, she explained the importance of early identification and intervention and how crucial it was.  Tabassum, now realised that a door had been opened and she had to follow Sarojinis advice. But the family was adamant and saw no need for this. Sonu, tried to be supportive initially, but gradually gave up. He felt that since he was living in his parents’ home and he was not contributing much financially, he should support his parents. Not his wife! But as days went by an overwhelming and compassionate love filled her gradually. It was not Shubhan’s fault. Nor hers. She realized that she now had the courage to sacrifice everything for Shubhan.   She knew, just knew, what she should be doing and that she was right.  So, one morning, she told her family  calmly  “I am taking Shubhan to the NGO , Samadhan , where they help children like him”.  As she walked down the steps she heard a voice “Wait I will come with you”.  It was Sonu.   The way ahead had just opened up for all of them.

Our services are accessible within the community and affordable. Just what Tabassum and Shubhan needed. We have reached out to more than 50,000 families .  It`s a long and arduous, but exciting journey.

THIS IS OUR MESSAGE –   There are still many Shubhans` in the community. Come partner with us. Impact the lives of the intellectually disabled children and their families

Target Amount

Fund Utilization  - Early Intervention Unit

  Rs. 2, 00,000
The funds raised through this campaign would be utilized for providing the following services at the Centre:

  1. 1. Diagnosis and Initial assessment of each child by multidisciplinary team. 

  2. 2. Occupational therapy  as diagnosed by initial assessment. 

  3. 3. Psychological/Behavioural therapy as diagnosed by initial assessment. 

  4. 4. Speech and language therapy  as diagnosed by initial assessment. 

  5. 5. Counselling for parents of the intellectually disabled through workshops or individual sessions.



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