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Support therapies for children with disability

Support therapies for children with disability

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Bal Asha Trust
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Bal Asha Trust
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Bal Asha Trust
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Bal Asha Trust


  • About Bal Asha Trust 

  • Bal Asha Trust is a registered  charitable Trust working for vulnerable, destitute and abandoned children since 3rd October 1985. Bal Asha Trust has been awarded the prestigious “Punyasholk Ahilyabai Holkar Puruskar” by Government of Maharashtra.


The primary objectives of the organization are:-


  1. 1.    Welfare and care of orphaned, destitute, abandoned or otherwise underprivileged or unprivileged children
  2. 2.    To establish homes for destitute children
  3. 3.    Provide quality institutional care to children in its destitute home
  4. 4.   Rehabilitation of such children with families through restoration, repatriation or Adoption
  5. 5.  To provide education, medical aid to children in need of care and protection

Bal Asha Trust has take care of more than 1500 children

  • The Issue 

  • Most of these children have been diagnosed with disability late in life and hence corrective measures have not been very successful. We have realized that early intervention in these children’s lives makes a major difference, identification and intervention being the key. 

  • Unfortunately, the city lacks adequate facility and appropriate infrastructure to handle such cases The problem, of late has increased due to infertility treatment leading to pre-mature births  hence the  need to do neuro assessments and early interventions has increased.

The review of therapeutic centres in the city revealed the fact that thereare long waiting lists and delay in receiving corrective measures are common. 

  • The need of a Child Development Centre in the heart of the city is very urgent for the future of these children and for families who are especially from low income group.  

  • The Solution 

  • Bal Asha Trust runs Bal Asha Child Development Centre in Mazgoan, Mumbai for children with disability.  

  • The Bal Asha Child Development Centre  has a team of 

  • Developmental Pediatrician, 
  • Occupational Therapists 
  • Physio Therapist 
  • Speech Therapist
  • Remedial Educator 
  • Psychological Therapy. 
  • Social Worker 
  • Centre Assistant 

  • The children receive paediatric development assessment and once the disability is detected the child is put in the therapy program by the specialist. 

  • The Impact

    • The Trust since last year has reached out to more than 250 children and provided more than 2500 therapies to children with disability. 

    • The families of these children are not only from nearby areas, but far away distance like Alibaug, Ratnagiri, Bhiwandi, Vashi and Virar.   The age group we are receiving ranges from few months to 18 years. The schools are referring their students with scholastic delays.

  • The centre provides free health checkup and therapy sessions to the needy children approved by the centre social worker.    We also provide help in coordinating with surgeries and help in receiving free medical aid from different hospitals for specialized medical treatment. 

    • The funds are needed to provide these therapies and also give social work support to the families of these children. 

    • Fund Utilization

    • Bal Asha Trust is needing funds to provide therapies for the children and equipment for the centre.  

Particulars Assessments & Therapies  to be conductedFunds Required 
Pediatric Assessments 2531250
Psyhio Therapy5037500
Occupational Therapy5037500
Speech Therapy5037500
Remedial Therapy5037500
Psychologist 2518750

The funds are utilized to provide therapies to children who are from low-economic situations.  


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