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Help Provide Quality Eye Care to Children in Need

Help Provide Quality Eye Care to Children in Need

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Alakh Nayan Mandir
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Alakh Nayan Mandir
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Alakh Nayan Mandir
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Alakh Nayan Mandir


About NGO:

Alakh Nayan Mandir is a nonprofit eye care organization working with an objective to provide quality eye care to all, especially socio-economically backward and deprived segments of society.The organization is basically an eye hospital with a staunch community orientation. Primarily based at Udaipur, it is working through various free eye screening camps and static, village based primary eye centers located across Southern Rajasthan.

Established in October 1997, hospital has reached out to more than 7,13,000 patients and has provided surgical services to over 74,000 patients. It has provided treatment to over 2,86,000 children through various child eye care programs.


 The proposed project will incorporate screening of 10,000 school children and provision of spectacles or surgical treatment to those who require.   

Blindness is a major public health problem in India. Childhood blindness accounts for the second major cause.Though there is no nationwide report, India has 3,20,000 children with blindness and over 9.2 million suffering from visual impairment (based on surveys in Andhra Pradesh, Delhi and West Bengal).
A child, who goes blind, lives a longer non-productive life as compared to adults. Visual impairment in children imposes a significant burden in terms of physical and emotional suffering as well as economic loss. This is due to lost productivity and resources consumed in caring of blind, rehabilitation and special education.

Alakh Nayan Mandir runs a program in which, vision / other ailments in children from 0-16 years of age is screened. Majority of this screening is done in schools from low income strata regions and some screening camps are for non-school going children. The needy children requiring spectacles are provided free spectacles and those requiring any surgery are provided free / subsidized surgery at the base hospital. This session 2016-17, over 6750 children, majority of them from government schools have already been screened.

Beginning with screening of just few hundred children about 15 years ago, the center has screened more than 2,86,000 children till date. With provision of spectacles to more than 10,000 children and surgical interventions for over 2500 children. There have been number of children, who had a life changing impact. Many of them who were suffering from congenital diseases, but for reasons like lack of awareness and accessibility to eye care services, over and above their economic constraints, could not get required treatment on time. But with few simple interventions and support vision was restored in these children.

Program Cost

Sr. No.Details Amount
1Direct project expenses:
Rs. 7,50,000
1(a)Cost of Hand held portable refractometer for spectacle power calculation
1(b)Provision of spectacles to approx. 1000 children @ Rs.350
2Personnel & salary expenses
3Overhead and administrative expenses

Total Program Cost
Rs. 13,50,000


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