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Cuties of Simar

Cuties of Simar

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"Cuties of Simar", made its beginning on this 10th March, on 15th Birthday of Simar. My self and Gurdeesh express our gratitude and are thankful for all those who were present to stand with us in our prayers, and we thank those too, who for some reasons could not be part of the occasion. May God Bless you all... Gurdeesh Kaur & Pervinder Singh


In the world of Simar, all the animals were cute and all animal loving people were cute. She was madly in love with them, to extent that we lost her on 8th Dec 2016, when she fell down from terrace while rescuing Street Cat stuck on ledge.

She was 14, always surrounded by animals, a young soul who wanted to be a fashion designer and a model, for the sole reason that she wanted to setup an NGO to Rescue and Rehabilitate the abandoned pets and Street animals, who sometimes are very badly injured in road accidents or are mercilessly abandoned by pet owners. 

She wanted me to help her run this NGO after my retirement.

I made her a promise and I intend to keep it, come what may. As every creature was cute for her, so the name "Cuties of Simar".

I am currently feeding every single morning street dogs and am fostering and providing medical treatment to them. My wife, without whom I could not have moved ahead is supporting me in this promise fulfilment.

We intend to setup a mobile ambulance for taking care of the injured animals. We have taken up a place on rent in West Delhi for setting up a rescue centre.

We intend to use the funds for the ambulance.


#1 (12 Mar, 2017)

"Cuties of Simar", made its beginning on this 10th March, on 15th Birthday of Simar. My self and Gurdeesh express our gratitude and are thankful for all those who were present to stand with us in our prayers, and we thank those too, who for some reasons could not be part of the occasion. May God Bless you all... Gurdeesh Kaur & Pervinder Singh

#2 (04 Mar, 2017)

Simar was very close to her Mother, Gurdeesh.

More than a daughter to her, she was her friend and an all time companion,

Every single thing Gurdeesh would buy would necessarily have to be approved by Simar,

Every Golgappa Gurdeesh has to have, Simar need to taste it first,

Every where they have to go, Simar has to ride with her,

Not because Gurdeesh could not decide anything for herself, but for reason that they were like pals...partner in everything and loved to share everything....and for reason that Simar needed Gurdeesh to cook meals for her Cute Streeties, her cute Katties, and her Kandy (our English Beagle) and her friends (who were not girls but pups on the streets) and Gurdeesh would do everything smilingly for her loving daughter.....

She is still in denial mode,

She still searches her around, silent tears rolling down her cheek,

Unable to speak or swallow a bite...

She still waits for her around lunch to return from school, and breakdowns every evening, drowning her sobs through meditation...

Gurdeesh  is with me, though Simar never wanted her to be part of this initiative as she used to say to me " Papa, Mom has done a lots for me, she has served and cleaned lots of streeties for me, she has given lots of care and love and her time to my she is tired, Give her a break....You need to now work along with me...You need to operate and you need to serve"...and she would extract the promise from me.

Gurdeesh, every single morning now gets up and cook meal for her cuties and then along with me, she without fail, carry the vessels and the plastic bowls and we will accompany me in serving the "Cuties of Simar"....Now there are around 20 of them and many more that still shy away from they are scared of humans...

We witness the horror and torture that us humans put across on these Cuties without a voice, we witness every single day the mark of new injuries, by people throwing stones at them, many blind as the stone would have hit the eye...many walking on 3 legs, often one carrying the wound or a fracture, depending upon whether these speechless cuties have been hit by a stone or a lathi by the residential security guards...

Children today are equally oblivious to the pain of these homeless streeties, we find children often dragging them forcefully with a cord tied tightly around the neck of these cuties chocking them...we are presently fostering a cute female pup, whose tail have been cut by scissors by children as a joke...a joke to laugh for them....full of pain and horror of the poor hapless creature. Such is the torture met to these streeties.

I would have also been immune to all this, completely submerged in my daily professional routine...I too would have turned the blind eye to their pain, had it not been for "Simar", may be she wanted me to see this, what she was already seeing everyday with her mother, and she wanted me help her setup the rescue center.

She is no more physically, but my God knows there is not a moment now in my life when I don't remember her, and her words echo in my ears

" Papa, please do something for my Cuties"...and despite all the pain in my heart, 

I begin every single day with a resolve, that I am going to touch someone new today and see how I can make a difference in that persons or that cuties life.

Many of my own close family members and friends, think what I am doing is foolish...what I am doing is spoiling my career and come what may I do now....I will never be able to bring her back, so why don't simply I look ahead and move on....

And my answer that I am doing this for my daughter whom I loved like crazy...I am doing for the promise I made her...I am doing it for the pain that she wanted me to witness and erase...every second she is alive with me, her laughter, her smile I witness when I see a small pup playing around and licking my hand when I feed them...I feel her touch...I feel her

And she is her Cuties

And I am appealing to all of you, whom I am able to reach and all those whom you all may be able to reach, to be kind to animals and be kind to people...

I appeal you all to help me in whatever capacity you can...its not essential that you need to donate...

You can help me by adopting these homeless pups, give them a family.....

You can connect with me on 

[email protected]

Warm regards,

Pervinder Singh


#3 (04 Mar, 2017)

#4 (23 Feb, 2017)

To be honest, today I am touched by two people: 

First of them is Deepak K, who is the first one to donate to our cause, and as my daughter would say, Deepak you are too cute and a heart felt thanks to you.

The other one is Dr. Bhatia, a Vet, who has promised to help us with free treatment to street animals every Saturday and Sunday.

I have been asked by people why "Cuties of Simar"?

Simar was my younger daughter, 14 years, she would have been 15 this 10th March 2017. She was a bubbly, multi talented, obedient and a person with a kind heart, especially towards animals and poor people.

She used to question me, on why some people are cruel to animals, and the worst type of cruelty for her was when owners just abandon their pets on the roads, the reason could be old age or sickness or simply not ready to take their responsibilities seriously. She used to say, how would people feel if their parents would just abandon kids, or how would parents feel when their young kids throw them out on street when they are old.

Though I used to sympathize, but I never took it too seriously. Like the rest I was busy in my own professional world and in family. Travelling extensively and providing consultancy on Big infrastructure projects like DMRC, HMRL, DIAL, Kochi International Airport, Rapid Metro, and other similar projects.

Only later her friends told us, that she would just give her school lunch to a mother, who had a litter of 6 pups, she would cook stories at home to her mom that her friends like my wife's cooking and request for additional food., which obviously would go to the street dogs. She brought home many injured birds and animals, including a Owl, considered inauspicious generally, but to her how can an Owl be inauspicious when it is supposed to be symbol for Mother Lakshmi. For her I would have buried many dead Rats, saved turtles, dogs and Cats.

Simar's dream was to be a Fashion designer and a Model (she was 5'6" tall already), she wanted to earn for starting her own NGO in service of animal welfare and she used to regularly remind me that I am supposed to take care of the NGO post my retirement, and that she would dedicate all her income for the cause.

We lost her in an accident, when she fell from terrace while saving a kitten, in our own society. 

Such was Simar! Thinking about animals while alive and saving animals in her death. She was 14.

The void she left behind by her made  me realize that she has shown me the way, she wanted to keep my commitment, she was assigning me responsibility to take care of her pet and other animals whom she used to feed. And then I felt the pain and tough conditions these street animals go through. The horror of dying on road in an accident, and no one taking a second look, being ill, going through inhuman behaviour, to such extent that I have rescued a Pup named Spotty, whose tail had been cut using scissors by children jokingly, that people walking their own pets, throw stones and injure the street dogs. Residential societies poisoning young pups, so that they don't litter around dustbins, animals met with accidents left dying on road.

Such Inhuman behaviour! so much cruelty towards animals.

For Simar, every animal was cute (birds, fishes, amphibians all), every animal loving person was cute. Cute to her meant not beauty but kindness and love.

This is the reason why, "Cuties of Simar" , we are all her cuties and we intend to spread Love and Cuteness (the way she meant it).

We have rented out a place in Najafgarh, Delhi, which is going to be available to us from 1st of March 2017. Though we are currently working from my residence in Dwarka and trying to take care of 9 pups at home and around 25 street dogs. Already 4 of the pups have been adopted through our friend circle and other kind people.

We intend to setup a Rescue & Rehabilitation Centre for abandoned pets and street animals, not just in Delhi but where ever we can get support. The first step has been taken, now the second step is to have a pet ambulance for which I am seeking your support. It is very important for us to reach and provide medical assistance to sick and injured animals as fast as is possible. There are negligible number of Pet ambulances in Delhi. We wish to provide the same. 

The mission of my life is now to transform the dream of my beloved daughter into reality.

"Cuties of Simar", a dedication to our beloved daughter Simar.

Thanks for reading this. I hope you can realize and understand my feelings and my appeal irrespective of you being able to donate or not is to be :

Please be kind to animals and all humans.

You all are "Cuties of Simar", if you are human in true sense. 

Warm regards,

Pervinder Singh 


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