Kasha – A Centre for Socially Deprived Special Children

By Arvind Saxena

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A disability is not an inability!

Every child is different, and every child is unique in their capabilities to learn and achieve their dreams. While some children are quick learners and may excel in multiple fields, there are others who face certain challenges in learning. It could be physical, behavioural or emotional, but we should remember that these challenges don’t define the children. And what they really need is a helping hand to guide them through these challenges.

Kasha is a centre for socially deprived special children, who need help in overcoming the challenges they face.

After conducting several surveys and CBR programs, we strongly felt the requirement for an alternate therapy centre for socially deprived special children. The ‘Cozy Cot Special School’, under our society named ‘Usha Mahajan Memorial Social Service Organisation’ was founded in the  year 2007. Since then, we have been catering to children with multiple disabilities and special needs. Our team includes special educators, occupational therapists, speech therapists, and physiotherapists in order to follow the individual goals for every child at school. 

Under project Kasha, our team of professionals will conduct an assessment of every child at the time of admission. On the basis of assessment, every child will be framed under an individualised educational program, based on their special needs and how it should be addressed. Therapies are shaped as per the child’s requirement. An hour long session will be conducted every day which would cover special education, occupational therapy, speech therapy, academics and sensory integration therapy. Through this project we will target children with autism, ADHD, ADD, Cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, slow learners, deaf and mute, and mentally challenged individuals. 

The Kasha project will help children from differents parts of Delhi- Dwarka, Palam, Raj Nagar, Mahavir Enclave, Bagdola, Sadh Nagar, Kapsahera Border, Shahbad, Pochan Pur, Bamnoli, Bharthal, and adjoining areas of South-west Delhi. It was found that these areas had the most number of differently abled children, as well as adults. Most of these kids do not go to any sort of educational establishment. Accurate and prompt medical therapies are not a part of their parenthood, and their special children are not taken care of the way they deserve. The reason for this may be attributed to the fact that there is less access to therapists in low income areas.

To combat this very problem, we are in need of financial assistance that will enable us to carry the project forward. Here is an estimate of the funds required for the project:

Requirements :

one time
Learning Aids
one time
PhysioTherapy Gadget
one time
Occupational Therapy Gadgets
one time


Occupational Therapists
2 x 6000 x 6 months
Speech Therapists
1 x 5000 x 6 months
2 x 4000 x 6 months
Special Educators
2 x 4000 x 6 months

Therapist for Sensory 

Integration Therapy
1 x 5000 x 6 months
2 x 3000 x 6 months
Rent/Electricity/Water10000 x 6 months60,000.00

TOTALRs. 4,69,000

Millions of Indians live with these disabilities and don’t even know about it. Moreover, they do not have access to the right treatment or adequate financial support to get the necessary professional help. If we all come together to make a small contribution towards the Kasha project, we can help numerous children overcome the daily struggles of living with a disability. We can help them embrace their uniqueness, and make the most of their special abilities. This is our opportunity to bring these challenges into the limelight, and eradicate the stigma around differently-abled individuals. 

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