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Contribute for JVMESK Smart Class for Z. P. School Sarola

Contribute for JVMESK Smart Class for Z. P. School Sarola

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Jai Vaishanavi Mata Education Society Kherda
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Jai Vaishanavi Mata Education Society Kherda
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$ 57 Raised of $ 1,357

7 Donors in 23 days

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Jai Vaishanavi Mata Education Society Kherda
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Jai Vaishanavi Mata Education Society Kherda


About Jai Vaishnavi Mata Education Society, Kherda (JVMESK)

Jai Vaishnavi Mata Education Society, Kherda is a registered non-profit organization started in 2010, solely functioning on donations received. Various bigger corporate help us in achieving our targets and we as a group also take small shares.

We are a group of young working professionals who have taken the responsibility of child education, awareness and to empower them by guiding through various activities for the children and families of Tahasil Pathari, Dist.Parbhani. Our aim is to spread awareness amongst people about this project so that we can offer the best facilities for these children and families of farmer who areusually deprived of basic education, facilities, and amenities.

JVMESK “Smart Class” Project for Sarola Village: We aim to convert ordinary classrooms of Z.P. School into smart classrooms by incorporating the Smart Class educational techniques. Our Smart Class project supports more than 200+ village students of Kherda from the lower socioeconomic levels. In the year (2016) we are planning to complete one more smart school which will help 100+ village students of Sarola village.

Brief Description:

The concept of “Smart class”  in government primary schools is introduced in the Parbhani District with a vision to enable students to learn using technology to make the learning process more fun, innovative and interesting by giving an opportunity to students to gather more knowledge and be at par with other private education systems.

We aim to Convert an ordinary class rooms of Z. P. Schools into Smart Class Rooms by incorporating

1. Computer System (One computer)

2. Fan

3. Electric Stabilizer

4. Curtain (Window and Door)

5. Coloring

6. Sound System

7. Tube light

8. Mini Library (500 Books per school)

9. Register (For entry purpose)

Note: Z.P. School Kherda and Sarola are equipped with the above



Presently we have two computers with e-library facility for the sake of education of the school students. One class room is equipped with computer, which means that students are very easily getting the concepts behind the chapter taught by the teachers. It also helps the teacher to impart best education.

(1) Help rural children learn through base information technology through E-education

(2) Bridging the rural divide between government & private schools
(3) Better utilization of Z.P. school resources
(4) Mini Library for reading books

Problems that we intend to solve

  • 1. Lack of better place to study after school timings

  • 2. Poor infrastructure of schools which fails to give required educational facilities: We have solved some problems by our NGO support

  • 3. Libraries are either absent or are at long distances: We started mini library having 285 books to school

  • 4. Rural children do not have access to digital / Multimedia learning. We started with it, however we have limited computer systems and need to overcome the load-shedding issue.


 Support for Computers: As we have 1 Computer and 1 laptop to teach the syllabus and we need more systems (Either LED or Computers) to complete the E-learning project.

We are mainly focusing on making the student’s feel interested in the education and making them aware about computers.

E-learning/Animated Syllabus: We have limited funds and we are not able to take the e-learning syllabus ahead. As the price for every grade is around Rs. 8,000/-

Inverter: Electricity is one of the basic needs of human beings. It plays an important role in each and every sector including education.

As Pathari is a rural area, it is affected continuously with load shedding. In the absence of electricity, facilities given by JVMESK are not useful.

How these Funds will be used

Your contribution would help us in the smooth functioning of the school.

We need a total of INR 95,000 for completing this project. We have planned to complete the project in 1 Month.








its alternative for the Projector




32" screen




E-learning syllabus with animation for 1st to 5th class students




Admisnistrative cost



In future we look to build a compound wall: It helps in organising indoor game competitions in the school. The school is near the village and it helps in preventing external interference.


These problem are solved if school gets inverter/Computer/e-learning syllabus to run all these smart classes efficiently.

Students are then able to become equipped to cope with the today’s need. We need these on our top priority.


Students will feel that people are supporting to give facilities and this will inspire them to give back to society when they reach at a higher pedestal in their life.


  • Impact:
     Z.P. Schools Students get free of cost computer education
    To generate awareness and motivate children of farmers in rural areas to pursue computer education
    The project has been able to motivate students to come to school regularly and focus on their academics
    To build confidence in rural students and making education more appealing through computer education like Audio/Video of Syllabus/Great leads/freedom fighters
    To access simple, yet critical learning advantages such as internet, word processing and spreadsheet creation as well as opportunity to gain lifelong computing skills
    Children will get easy access to books (Mini Library with 500 books)
    At present with one Smart class the statistics are-
    More than 200 children are getting advantage of our current Smart Class
    Increase in awareness regarding education and its need by 25 to 30% of previous level.
     Increase in marks / percentage by 5 to 10 % of previous level
    Computer learning and benefits are known to students
    Increase in school attendance
    More concentration during class due to digital learning
    Smart education systems with multimedia content would help teachers in teaching in a demonstrative way

  • Our  Smart Z. P. School Kherda work published in Youth Ki Awaaz:

  • Target Group: Rural children of Z.P. School of Pathari Tahasil

Project completed Location: 01) At-Kherda, Post- Wadi, Tq. Pathari, Dist. Parbhani, State: Maharashtra, Country: India-431 506

Proposed Location: 02) Sarola, Post- Wadi, Tq. Pathari, Dist. Parbhani, State: Maharashtra, Country: India-431 506

Z.P School Sarola You Tube:

JVMESK Smart Class School 


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