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Funds to support high school education of twenty underprivileged, rural girls for a year by hosting them in a girls' hostel.


Many areas in Uttar Kannada district of Karnataka State are underdeveloped and have small chunks of population fully surrounded by Forest (Western Ghats).  All the people living in such remote villages are very poor (Below Poverty Line (BPL)).  Presently, many poor students from such economically backward, remote, and rural villages of Uttar Kannada district discontinue their education after 7th grade because of lack of high schools within walking distance and lack of public transportation.   Parents do not have money to send their children in a hostel in towns where high schools are available.  They end up sending their daughters as maid in the nearby towns.  There are many remote villages in the Uttar Kannada district and the literacy rate among girls in rural villages is very low because they are unable to get education beyond 7th standard. 

The main objective of Prem Ashram CharitableTrust is to increase literacy among youths, especially girls, from rural villages.  Making it easier to obtaineducation by providing free hostel facilities would empower the girl students to get educated and enable them to find a decent job and support their families finacially.  Furthermore, the future generation of citizens (children born to these students) will be more literate because it is a well-known fact that children born to literate parents become literate.  Building and running a girls’hostel is a noble project for increasing literacy, especially among girls, in the underdeveloped, rural areas in India.

We solicit funding of Rs. 480,000 ($7500) to support 20 girls for a year in girls' hostel run by Prem Ashram Charitable Trust.

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