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About Colorss:

Colorss Foundation is an NGO in India that works towards enhancing the well-being of marginalized women and children through the use of art and technology. Colorss Foundation takes an innovative approach that provides the women and children in need with invaluable skills, and more importantly, the confidence needed to lead successful lives on their own terms. 

About Mission 1000 

Mission 1000 is a non-profit project based in India designed to tackle sexual abuse against women. We hold 10-day self-defense workshops to teach girls how to defend themselves at a young age. As in its name, Mission 1000 aims to reach 1000 girls every financial year. To reach this long-term aim, our current target is to first reach 300 girls. Believing that there should be no price on security, Mission 1000 ensures that these workshops are at free of cost to the girls. Anand Koti, who has a 2nd Dan black belt in Karate and a green belt in Kobudo, leads these workshops. Mission 1000 empowers young girls by boosting their confidence and giving them the strength and skills to protect themselves against sexual attackers.



Women in India are constant targets of rape attempts and sexual harassment. Every 15 minutes, a woman is reportedly raped in India. At the end of every day, 93 women in India would have been raped. Sexual crimes threaten a woman’s safety and security. Inflicted with physical and psychological trauma, rape victims find it challenging to continue with daily living, or to achieve high ambitions.


By teaching young girls to protect themselves, Mission 1000 plays an important role in protecting women. We hold 10-day self-defense workshops that teaches young girls, aged 7 to 17 years old, to kick, punch and block assaults. These workshops are conducted in school compounds or assembly halls, and do not interfere with the girls’ education. After 10 days of intense training, we grant the girls a completion certificate.

Mission 1000 goes one step further by ensuring that the girls are always adept in self-defense. We hold refresher courses for our alumni groups and appoint community leaders to hold regular self-defense practices. For those unable to attend these workshops and courses, Mission 1000 has a mobile application ( This application only requires internet connection once. Girls can then receive guidance on self-defense postures from the mobile application, without needing internet access.


Equipped with self-defense skills, the girls will have an added peace of mind to feel more secure in their social surroundings. Knowing that they can protect themselves, girls will be more willing to independently pursue studies or work opportunities in large cities in India. Our workshops are also beginning to show a domino effect, where some girls have transferred their self-defense knowledge to their wider female network. In the long run, we hope to continue holding our self-defense workshops to create a generation of safer, stronger and more empowered women in India.

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