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1.)Some days ago I was searching for tech freelancing website in India so as to get an app built. So I found one website and wondered why no website from India is doing such nice work. So I decided to create my own website be launched soon) to do the things the Indian way. If this site runs well it will sure create employment and people in India will also love us because this site is for Indians by Indians.

2.)Rs.40,000 from the total amount will be spent on an orphanage.

3.)The amount collected will be spent in this way:-

  • First Rs.40000 will be taken away from the amount and donated to an orphanage in cash and kind.
  • From the remaining money a robust private server will be bought to smoothly run the website.
  • The remaining amount will be used to buy a extended SSL certificate.
  • The rest of the amount left will be kept for emergency.
  • Once the target is complete and the needed amount is gathered pictures and videos regarding the donation will be uploaded on the website.
  • Link will be (This link will only be available after the funding amount is reached). 

4.)This website will have a community of freelancers who will be eager to solve all your problems.From simple technical support to building large websites and applications.People will find most of the technology related solutions here.  :-)

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