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About Talaash Association

Talaash Association is established as National Human Rights Organization in the month of December 2013. The org head office is located at Bengaluru & operating in 7 states with counter-part NGOs.

We are a team of dreamers and doers who are working towards seemingly utopian ideals. Our first aim was to work towards a society that is free of exploitation, injustice and poverty. A tough ideal, but we started our NGO, Talaash Association. We saved women and children from human trafficking and changed lives. We continue to do it day in and day out.

Talaash Association invests to protect & promote the rights of women & children, wellbeing & development of them while contributing in the arena of prevention, protection, prosecution, capacity building, research, advocacy, reintegration of survivors of all forms of violence against women & children. To know more about Org, please log in: , to track our activity, please like our page:

About Citizen’s initiative against Violence against children (CIAVAC)

Talaash Association had designed & developed Projects on curbing Trafficking in Persons, abolishing child labours, promoting child education, and ending sexual abuse & exploitation against women & children in India. These projects are the road map to eliminate violence against women & children from India.

1.cMaTIP- It is a project dealing with the issues related to Trafficking in Persons. Investigation, Conduct raid to rescue victims, legal assistance to prosecute traffickers, repatriation to send back home, capacity building of multi-level stakeholders, shelter support, crisis intervention support, reintegration of survivors, these are major activities of the project. The project has been implementing for last 3 years and carrying massive changes like more than 1400 victims rescued from the clutch from Trafficking in Persons.

2.Apne Aap Child Club- It is a platform for those children who have been drop out & not get chance to study due to internal migration of their parents. We house them where they learn, grow, play and mobilize other to continue their study. Total 135 children are member of Apne Aap child Club.

3.Making safer place for women & children a reality in Bengaluru- The project creates high impact awareness on the issues of the rights of women & children. Fact-finding, Information collection, legal aid, rescue, shelter support, IEC material (like poster, stickers, flashcard), research & rehabilitation of survivors.

Transparency is one of our core values. To go with our words, we formed alliance called Citizen’s initiative against Violence against children (CIAVAC). The alliance is a call for all citizen to participant in the fighting to prevent violence against children.

How the members’ works

•Register yourself to be part of the Alliance, (write us to register; )

•Monthly Subscription

•Share the information to us to rescue a child


•Ask your friend to Contribute

•Join our Meeting, Conference & Campaign

•Get your name in E-Newsletter

•Facilitate workshop, seminar & conference

The situation of India for children are much more complex & alarming. Require multi-dimensional approach and huge needs of your action. We need fund to achieve Goals. We need you. Talaash’s appeal says Citizen’s initiative against Violence against children (CIAVAC) & their contribution will be used to assist 5700 children in target areas.

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