(Cindrella) Build an ongoing relationship with orphanages for Girl Child to support their education.

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Many more activities for girl children are on the anvil . These activities will be institutionalized to enable girl children in India realize their aspirations and dreams. In essence, the Trust will plan and execute several activities which in today’s situation in India a Girl Child, especially from poorer sections of our society only dreams but can not realize . Sorry State of Girl Child in India: 

The Indian society predominantly continues to be a highly patriarchal society. 10 million girls in India have been killed in the last twenty years. Daughters are considered undesirable in India. 2000 girls get killed in India every day, many slain before or just after birth. According to the national crime Record bureau annual report 24,923 rape cases were reported. Out of which 24,476 were committed by someone known. Delhi has the highest raw numbers of rape cases reported among Indian Cities. While the facts above undoubtedly project a gloomy picture, there has been an echo of awakening in different parts of India. 

Cinderella Charitable Trust seeks to build on these nascent shoots of positivity. A few thoughts on which we wish to anchor. Educating every girl child on their safety measures. Educating every women and every one on preventive measures to avoid the possibility rape/sexual assault. 

Creating a platform for women and girl children, who unfortunately faced sexual assault in the past to live a life of dignity in the society. Educating parents and guardians of girl children on measures to protect and support girls in their families so that they can lead a contented and purposeful life. 

Raise funds for providing financial support for education of girl children. Reach out to the hinterlands of cities and villages to replicate the above mentioned programmes focused on girl children. Creating processes and platforms to communicate inspirational messages from women achievers(including past Olympians) to show case their achievement stories.

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