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With just over two weeks remaining in this fundraising campaign, we are looking forward to your support and donations for helping us achieve our goal of INR 2,40,000 in order to provide necessary prenatal health checkups for marginalised pregnant mothers in rural India #donate #foracause #thankyou

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Company Background 

CareNx Innovations is an IIT Bombay based mobile health startup focusing on developing technologies for better healthcare delivery. Co-founders Shantanu Pathak and Aditya Kulkarni embarked on this journey in 2015 with a vision to bridge the gap of healthcare access and serve 5 million pregnant mothers by the end of 2021. The team comprises of individuals with diverse educational background and work experience in countries like United States, Germany, Singapore and China. 

Problem Statement

In India, maternal mortality is a leading cause of female deaths, especially in rural and low income areas (Maternal deaths in India account for 20% when compared globally). Inadequate use of pregnancy care services is a significant contributor of such high maternal mortality. Although 59% of these deaths are due to high risk pregnancies, 90% of them can be prevented by proper care and education. Additionally the cost of receiving proper care for pregnant mothers in rural areas is higher, making it unaffordable and thus making regular checkups difficult.


The solution is called CareMother, comprising of three different components: Medical Kit, Mobile Application and Web Application. The medical kit consists of diagnostic devices that can be carried by the health workers to provide doorstep testing and diagnosis. The result from these tests are directly entered into the mobile application which alerts for high risks, if present. The web application can be used by a gynaecologists from a nearby health center for health monitoring and scheduling follow ups for pregnant mothers that need further consultation. 


Through our pilot projects in Aurangabad and Mumbai Slums, we have been able to serve more than 3000 pregnancies across 60+ locations with more than 15,000 tests performed on the platform already. When compared to the existing mobile health vans, our solution has shown an impact in the form increased early identification of high risk pregnancies (by at least 31%), increased healthcare outreach to pregnant mothers (by two-folds) and reduced costs for receiving proper testing and diagnosis at doorstep (savings of INR 5000 per pregnant mother).

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Funds Breakdown

One CareMother Kit 
(Includes medical devices and software to detect high risk pregnancies)
INR 45,000
(US$ 750)
Consumables - For 4 prenatal health checkups per mother
(Includes strips for blood sugar, haemoglobin and urine protein tests)
INR 18,000
(US$ 300)
Incentives to health workers
(Includes base wages, travelling and other operational expenditures for health workers)
INR 60,000
(US$ 1000)
Incentives to medical officer
(Includes wages for project execution and human resource management)
INR 54,000
(US$ 900)
Other project management costs
(Includes data reporting, public health analysis and impact study)
INR 63,000
(US$ 1050)

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