Trained low class community to build India stronger(Training of Construction equipment)

By Manoj Joshi

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India is a Fast growing country. Since last few years country is keen to develop in infrastructure includes all type of construction activity related with Road, building, bridges, dams & canals to build & upgrade different type of utility machines are required to upgrade the quality work. And to operate this machine skilled operators are required. 

Why are doing

We hear a lot on developments we get awareness of machines but due to lack of skilled operators this machines are never performed to that level of execution which is designed & operated for we have experience of more than 25 years to its related services for exchange, sales, rentals old used, new machines with specification in training operators and observed that due to lack of only trained and skilled operators all other activities related with construction are affected, and no organization has worked seriously on the segment.

We at our organization realized the essence of skilled operators and have given training on various machines and successful placements to candidates to work on a large scale we need a support from you to make this segment strong so that productively increase.

We are trying our best to make this effort at our level but are in need of ample resources to make it a landmark in construction segment and raise the standard of this part who are indirectly helping the nation to build strong by operating construction machines.


We have our schedule and technique of training casting around 85000 to 150000 per student and the eligible criteria is 8 to 12th standard of that to mention it is a very poor class community and are not able to manage the training cast too, 

Here we need your support to meet the requirement and to help this country by providing them training and give placements and raise the standard of living so that we can build this segment strong as a humanity as they work hard to operate this machine on difficult positions.

The tunnels and canals and road made on hills are best example about the condition they face while construction, if properly trained will reduce the accidents and will increase the efficiency related with timely work in progress.

It is a campaign to trained this class of community to build India more stronger.We not only provide operators but by successful training we are giving then  surety to get job in construction companies.

Kindly support us.

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