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We are Raising funds for following reasons...

1 Global issue of finding cars at the right place, on the right time with affordable price. because these big companies have their different tariff charges. Currently customers are either dependent upon just dial or local vendors wherein the transparency in terms of car standards are highly compromised when compared to the amount being paid against the services. If customer opts to have services from known car rental company then the rates are comparatively too high.

2 Over the years, we are looking at two Department of Transport is. A public transport and goods carrier. There are parking stands for tempo, truck, bus, taxi, auto, each one of them, and their union too. 

Who fight against the rule for their rights. They also get a business from the parking stand and they all increase their freight from time to time. In all these National Permit Tourist Taxis are stacked separately. Like Unorganized Car Rental Players. And in this matter, the government is not able to fix any kind of freight. In this, the big companies (Car Rentals) take good charge from ordinary customers and earning good commission from unorganized car rental players who have tied up with them with two or four cars. All of them are doing business by finding customers from here on their own. City Taxi ride companies have been taking advantage of this in the market and are running their business. Because of this, some people are getting the business, but not some.

3 An overview of the travel business (car rental) a car carries duty on rent for 20 days or 25 days, but every single month is not the same. Because they does not do advertising and marketing, as they does not present their business well. Possibly it is an unorganized sector. They do not realize that much of the business needs to get more advertisement or marketing. Then we realized it is important to bring them on one platform. Because of this, we want to provide them a platform. In the time of this Competition, they should stay and grow themselves. That is why we want to start this company. 

Our Principle At present, Cabkr (Rent-a-Car) will be available in Mumbai, Thane and we will try to expand our service potential in many cities in India.

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