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Dear members, I am very hopeful to help for my father Medical Treatment. My Father Suffering Severe Right Heart with high Lungs pressure, low Saturation (oxygen) in body, Breathing Problem, Severe Pulmonary hypertension and severe TR since 3 years onwords using machinery oxygen on total every night. This month (July 2017) Doctors suggested the medical treatment for RIGHT HEART CATHETERISATION needed. (Shunt inserts into RIGHT HEART WALL) My father was last 3 years 3 times admitted in care hospital, banjarahills, Hyderabad. In 3 ys 10,00,000 Expenses for Medical Treatment. Last 3 months back admitted in care hospital for high Lungs infection and High heart beat, Saturation (oxygen) downs almost 75% ( normal person 98%) very dangerous condition admitted in care hospital, Hyderabad. Almost 20 days Medical Treatment at home then he recovered, Presently stabled condition with only High cost of medication but my father presently needs high cost of medication. In that day very severe condition admitted in my local hospital, The doctors said infection is very highly effected in lungs and lightly kidneys, almost three days in hospital, my father condition is seriously they never controlled infection only under medical treatment so I decided take him to care hospital, Hyderabad. This hospital doctors said same thing 4 days treatment completed no changes same infection so I decided go for home medication treatment. After 20 days he was stabled but lifelong using medicines then he was stabled. It was very expensive almost 3 ys onwords using medicines per month 12000 INR. LUNGS INFECTION anti biotech meropenam 1 GM injection used for 3 times a day with 15 days. It was very expensive this drug only cured infection.

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