Educate a child without means in the poor village of Mayapur

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Even after over 50 years ofindependence, India wakes up to its primary school deficit every morning, butstudents of Bhakti Vedanta National School (BVNS) have actually made adifference.


Set in the backdrop of adversaries, in the state of West Bengal,is a remote locality named Mayapur. This serene place has maximum number of itspopulation living below the poverty line with a low per capita income, spellingout lower literacy level than the surrounding regions.


Olympaid champions, CBSE rank holders, top debators at statelevel, active student community participation is how we define thesefinancially constrained but intellectually sharp students of BVNS. Theirbackgrounds are humble but their dreams are not. With dignity andforthrightness, we seek very very active support to help these brilliantchildren achieve their dreams. 

BVNS, an institution of hope and learning, residing very closeto the banks of the Ganges, has been a driving force since the year 2003.People from varied backgrounds with a compassionate heart, formed the firstexecutive body to establish an academic institution where underprivilegedchildren could receive the best educational facilities.

13 years of perseverance has brought Mayapur to where they aretoday - offering all children affordable educational services and vocationaltraining that will be at par with all the best English medium schools andcultivating the best environment for primary and secondary learning thatbalances academic, intellectual, spiritual, and physical growth for it's students.

But our commitment to the dreams of educating every child of Mayapur looks forward to your kind thoughtsand donations.

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