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By Abhirup Santra

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About this Initiative

It was the month of March in 2016 when we visited Uttar Shibnaryan Chawk Primary School in Udaynaryanpur West Bengal for distributing educational materials which we had crowdfunded amongst ourselves.Apart from the distribution of educational materials, we had held interactive sessions with the kids and during these sessions, we spotted immense potential in those kids and in fact the Headmaster informed us that the kids loved to read and aspired to excel in their lives and escape poverty.But due to the paucity of funds, they weren't able to build a library for the kids to fuel their dreams.Even though there was ample space on the school premises, the school authorities could not gather the money to install the requisite furniture and fixtures and order necessary books for the kids.

Therefore it is our endeavor to give wings to their aspirations by donating the requisite fixtures and books for their library.We wish to visit them soon..with some good news.

Break - Up

Furniture Fixtures: Rs. 10,000 - 15000

Books: Rs. 30,000-40,000

We welcome all well-wishers to donate generously.If we are successful in raising this money, we along with YOU will visit the School with the Good News..:) And of course you will have complete access to the Financial Details of this Project.

Who Are We?

A conversation over 'Chai' amongst a group of friends led to the formation of Sristi in 2013. Although formally we got registered in 2014, we started our maiden journey on April 2013 by distributing educational materials in a village school in Nalpur, West Bengal. Since then we have carried out many such initiatives where we have gone to village schools and distributed Educational materials. Such initiatives, also know as the Shikshan Initiative, are completely crowd-funded and we greatly rely on our membership fees as well as generous donations made by good Samaritans. Apart from this, we have also initiated our clothes drive campaign, known as the Paridhan Initiative, whereby we distribute clothes to the destitute. We started off by distributing used clothes to people living on the streets of South Kolkata. We received huge massive support for our Clothes Drive Initiative and as a result from our subsequent clothes drive initiative we started distributing new clothes. We have brought smiles on people’s faces by doing this initiative on occasions of Durga Puja, New Year and other festivities and in the process we were also able to grab the attention of civic authorities. Especially during Durga Puja, we were able to add a bit of joy in the lives of little kids when we distributed new clothes across Kolkata. The Paridhan initiative is not just restricted to distribution of new and used clothes. We have also expanded our program by distributing blankets in the months of December and January in  rural areas of West Bengal.

So our initiatives mainly focus on these two areas. Shikshan, our initiative is not only about distributing educational materials. Although we have restricted ourselves to only that because of lack of funds, we have a greater vision for Shikshan. Apart from adopting schools and supporting them with resources throughout the year we also hope to aid in the development of kids. We are therefore designing a Comprehensive 60 days Crash Course which is going to focus on developing Language and Math skills. According to data published by ASER, in rural India, kids of Class 4 and 5 severely lag behind in respect of Language and Math skills. This is one area, where we feel we can seriously contribute. So in the long term, we wish to expand our Shikshan Program depending on how well we manage to raise donations.

As I am posting this we are aggressively pursuing a recruitment drive also.We believe that Volunteers will play a key role in the proliferation of our initiatives and that is why we are in the process of inducting enthusiastic youngsters who want to contribute to society.We are also trying to reach out to as many donors as possible and we are also tying up with other organizations carrying out joint initiatives.By 2020 we hope to adopt at least 10 schools and have a volunteer base of 200. Seems ambitious but we are thoroughly confident we have the right set of plans and the right set of people managing the organization.

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