Building a Zomato of Public Toilets

By Sourabh Soni

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Zomato for Public Toilets

We eat outside 4-8 times a month. We shit or pee outside maybe 40-80 times a month. Then it makes more sense to have a 'Zomato' for Public Toilets, right? Wrong. Restaurants pay, Toilets don't. Nonetheless, Ketto pays. So, we are trying to build a review system for public toilets in India. Because, through common wisdom, we know that in case of toilets, a book should be judged by its cover. If it doesn't have a puddle of water on the outside, chances are it wont have a puddle of water on the inside. We have an app which we use as a data gathering agent through smartphones. Because, it is a tenuous exercise, we are paying our users Rs 5 to add every restroom to the database, and because we are a nascent company, we are not earning shit. We request you to contribute in order to let us build a database of at least 10000 public toilets.  

Dekhega India tabhi to Hagega India.

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