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My son next surgery is due in next week. It is very critical because the band holding his lungs is shrinking and his oxygen level in his blood is decreasing. So he can not wait for his surgery.


My name is Sandeep Gupta. I live in Delhi with my family. I got married on February 25 2015. My wife gave birth to our only child boy on December 17 2015. His name is Avyukt Gupta. He was underweight at the time of his birth weighing 2.40 kg as he was a premature baby. He soon became our life. He used to breathe fast while feeding and felt tired after two three minutes of feeding and sweated so much that all his head was covered with water. Due to this reason he was not able to have a proper diet and stared crying and while crying he turned pale blue and some times he felt choked. We could not know the reason and we were so worried about his health as his weight was not increasing like other children. While sleeping he used to make a sound. We thought it was normal and nothing serious. But he fell ill in February 2016 with normal and cough and we went to the local doctor and he told us that nothing is serious and it is just normal cough and cold and he started nebulize him and gave him normal medicines but after 15 days his conditions was very serious. We asked local doctor about his breathing problem and sound he made while sleeping and he told us that it was due to his premature delivery and it will be healed with age. But he was not bale to understand his real problem so subsequently we changed his doctor and when the new doctor diagnosed our baby he found that he is suffering from severe heart disease and referred our son to Escorts Hospital, Delhi. We went to Escorts Hospital in March 2016 and our son underwent 2D Echo and his reports showed he was suffering from Congenital Heart Defect. They told us that after surgery there are 50% chances that he will survive and if he survives then he will never lead a normal life. We started crying and came back our home. It was like end of the world for us. Our minds stopped working. We were sobbing and crying. We were stunned. How God can be so cruel with such a beautiful child? I decided to go for the second opinion and we went to Medanta Medicity on March 4 2016 and they told us the same thing after tests but they told us that they will go for the PA Band surgery and will cure our son. And on 10th March 2016 they operated my son for PA Band surgery to save the lungs of my son. It was so painful to see our son after the surgery as he was sliced open from chest and there were pipes all round his body and he was on ventilator for 4 days at that time. It was a mental torture for me and my wife. But at last our son came through all the way. And for that we sold our house and now his second surgery for holes closure is due in June 17 and we don't have anything but God is with us. Now I need your help to save the life of my beloved son.

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