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Arranging Incentives for Users

Arranging Incentives for Users

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Encryptid  Encryptors Ideation , is the world's first ever online platform to solve cryptic questions. The aim of Encryptid is to make you do things think on a new level. Our questions would leave you engaged with us, sleep less and think more.

In simple words, we provide the users with a question and a hint and then all the user needs to do, is find the link between them or what they're pointing to and provide us with an answer. If its correct, then the user moves on to the next level.

For example-

Question: Decrypt A-Z. Good Luck :')
Hint: Keep Smiling

Link: A-Z and smile. There's only one place where both of them can be seen together and that is amazons logo.

Answer: Amazon

But all of the questions wont be so simple. The higher your level, the more difficult the question would be. 

Those who are interested can register themselves at- and try out our first question.

We're set to launch on 15th January 2017 and our first global level event would take place on 20th Jan 2017. We need to provide prizes to at least the top 10 contenders and are looking for funding for the same :') 

If you believe in our concept, kindly help us arrange funds :') and don't forget to register yourselves. Till then, stay 'Enigmatic Always'


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