To open a Call Center And Ambulance for Accidental Animals Or Dead Bodies OF Animal on Road.

By Gazal Chaturvedi

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I am working all alone since a very long time for the animals who died in road accidents.I  place there bodies road side and criminate them on my own behalf.But i have seen no more support or care by anyone when i do this .This irritates me and i invest my own money in doing all such activities.But due to the lack of capital i failed helping any animal because as i have a two wheeler i  was unable to help the accidental animals.Therefore i want people to contribute by not only funding but by manpower means also.Its a noble cause which will help many animals to  live a better life.And also they will get proper treatment after they get accidental whether in night or day time.I want to open a CALL CENTER.Where people will call by there own if they see any dead body of animal or any accidental case on any road . 

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