An idea which will bring employment for the lower strata by training them for household services

By Fahim Alam

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We live in a country where most of our children are made to work at a very early stage of their life.

Even we have come across the same, when sitting back at places we enjoy calling them "oye chotu thoda pani toh laana". Ashamed but true. 

This is not where things gets over, we in turn expect them to do something good in life without proper education or knowledge and hence the poor gets poorer in our society.

We at Handz4u are Training people to earn their living in a respectful way and get well paid for their effort and work.

We are coming up with a digital platform where one can book a cooking or cleaning services.

We are creating opportunities for the ones who were deprived of education and knowledge to work in partnership with us so that they can make most out of this opportunity to lead a good and respectfull life ahead.

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