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You will be glad to know about our Campaign Story, started on 28 Jan 2017. With a focus in mind, to eliminate chemical and artificial fertilizer being used in farming of crops and animals.

In today's fast moving life style, we are always up for good & tasty food. Now the thing is that good taste is great for a moment, but its not beneficial for daily nutritional requirement of our body. We somehow in anyways, be it ; lack of money or awareness and knowledge, are getting trapped in this 'Hybrid World'.

Moreover these excess use of chemical fertilizers form many years, have resulted in making infertile land. There after resulting in low annual production year after year.

 We came across many farmers complaining about low annual productivity and increasing price of fertilizers and pesticides. And I came to know all this about, from a friend of mine who is a great farmer's son.

It was very difficult for me, to imagine exactly how they are surviving under such conditions. One thing that was rolling in my mind, there must be a way to make land Rich Fertile naturally and get red of harmful insects for corp without using chemicals. After research and struggling of many days and nights finally, I came up with and idea. That changed everything.

The Idea was to introduce Country Chicken's Free Range Farming with vegetation. By this we're able to solve two major problems;

a) Making Soil Rich Fertile : An individual country chicken make 1 Square feet of land fertile per hour. The excretion of these chickens are rich in Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium and minerals, that are very essential for healthy growing plants.

b) Stopping Insects from Damaging Crops : These chickens love to have insects as a part of their protein diet. They are always in search of insects and worms, hence eliminating damage caused by plants by them.

ALIVE ORGANIC FARMS is making huge difference in individual life for many. As many more farmers want to join us, and earn a living. This startup will not only help farmers with improved crops, but also improved earning making them to afford basic amenities. As we grow, we require more man - power, recruiting  people locally making them employed. Also we'er blessed with a team of Animal Doctors and Experienced farmers helping and us to take our agenda to new heights.

For all these functioning,  the most important thing is FUND. If today we'er able to provide them with all facilities, there is no doubt thousands will be benefited from ALIVE ORGANIC FARMS.

So, Do help us Raising  Funds. For a better future.

Avinash Maity

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