A purpose built School for Indigenous Children.

By Joseph Meagher

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New Life Academy has been in education since its inception in 2008, with a small strength of 5 children in a rented accomodation to a 280 children in our own small school mustered in the most rooted maiost affected district of Jharkhand, Dumka. 

At New Life Academy we are unbiased about our children hence we have a mix of children who study, those who can afford and those who cant, we have blended a balance and all are provided for equally. 

This academic session 2017-18 we have 50 new students on the free program for education under our project "Ujjwal Bhavishya" where we raise Rs. 800 per child per month through donation enabling one child to complete one year of schooling. 

Our program is very unique it enables the donor to be a part of that child's life for a year, Committing Rs. Rs. 9600 per year towards the Child's Education. There are also option to support purchase of Books and stationary,  uniform and shoes., On completion of the the one year the donor can either choose to continue to support the child or choose a different child. {You can request a brochure and we can email it to you. }

Aiming to be Jharkhand's Largest School for Indigenous Children. Come and Help us make this happen. - story -1However this Impact Fundraiser is to upgrade the school by adding another floor to the present structure. We as a non profit have never collected fees towards the development of the school and with our growing number of children we need to provide a convenient study hall and library. Hence the project to Upgrade the school, which will also instill and uplift the children studying here more self esteem that they are going to a good school. 

Our School has been adjourned the best school in the district for the session 2015-16 and 2016-17 receiving the Golden School Award by the Indian Talent Group. 

We want to strive and pursue our goal further, hence this year we have Incorporated our non profit to all you clear access to our financials and transparency in our commitment towards the uplifting and development of this district. 

Our Ultimate goal is to be the Largest School for Indigenous Children in Jharkhand. Come help us build the dream for our future generations of indigenous children

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