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Mewat is a historical region of Haryana and Rajasthan states in northwestern India, struggling with acute poverty, accentuated by tribal feudalism and religious backwardness. Women of Mewat, an object of labor and ‘izzat’ or property, are the worst affected in this region. 

Women and young girls of Mewat

Treated as chattel, deprived of basic education, deprived of any choice, deprived of any voice, women and girls are the invisible shadows of the region. They work as agricultural labourers, and are essentially considered as baby producing and baby caring entities- like Fatima, like Jhalna and many others. 


It is said that where there is a will, even mountains can be moved. This is what inspired a few Mewatis- people who are concerned and who want to see change happen, to join hands together and form AESWS. This organization aims to bring about innovative social progress and changes through sustained efforts in the critical aspects of health, education and empowerment. 

Setting off a healthy cycle of real social progress: 

AESWS- looks at development as a growing tree of purpose and life- with progress and change as its ultimate fruit- an interconnected tapestry of different aspects- weaved in by one common denominator- the people. This holistic vision of growth enables it to make its impact more relevant and localized for better results. This is beautifully elucidated  by this infographic:


Following this model of growth, AESWS covers all aspects - from maternal mortality, child nutrition, to formation of self-help groups for sustainable economic opportunities for women to education that is a driver of change. 

But all of this requires resources:

AFIA seeks changemakers to be a part of this amazing revolution of change- become our inspires, our marketers, our supporters, our well-wishers and be witness to history being created- as we go on transforming one of nation’s most backward regions. 

How can I help??? 

There are many ways in which you can encourage AFIA. You can directly donate towards their campaign or create a support campaign to raise additional funds. You can also spread the good word about AFIA’s path-breaking endeavours through FB-share, Twitter, Linkedin, G+. 

For AFIA is not just talking about changing 1 life - they are talking about creating a difference to a million lives! 

So, donate & become the fuel for 1,000,000 beautiful possibilities!

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