To make "ABUDHA" film in Kannada.

By Shashikar H R

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We are a team of few enthusiast movie makers who are willing to make a debut with "Abudha". This campaign is to raise fund for the project. Basically this movie is a suspense thriller with some love and unpredictable future. We need your kind support to make this project work.

Picture yourself in the shoes of a person who has lost his loved one in an unfortunate incident and doesn't get justice. what would you do? Would you go after the culprits and seek justice which the law failed to provide you? or would you just keep calm, blame the luck and move on? keep this in mind before coming to the answer, neither of the choices make the loved one come back to life. Both the choices will haunt you for the rest of your life, choose carefully!! so now if you've made your decision you have to live with it!! Alright now, take off his shoes. We will make him choose a way which will give him and his loved one justice!! Now all you have to do is, support us to let you know the story of this guy to show whats really going to happen.

All we need is your support, financial contribution and moral support too.

You will get the link to a downloadable original copy of the film once the film is released theatrical release. So its like you are Pre-Ordering the movie. And if you contribute the highest amount, you will be treated as a CO-PRODUCER of the movie and your name will be mentioned in the movies credits roll.

We have quoted 2000000!! As this will be a realistic low budget movie. There wont be much of a graphics/VFX works. Our expenses will be covering, daily expenses of shooting days like equipment costs/rents, transportation, location rentals. And after the shooting, Editing, Music and Marketing.

If we succeed in this project this will definitely be a huge impact in our lives as we will be able to come up with more and more innovative and creative contents for you. How will it benefit you? along with the perks we give you for supporting us in this project, you will get to be the part of our future endeavours too because our future success depends on the success of this project.

Risks & Challenges

When it comes to "Risk", We are risking our everything including your trust on us. To be honest with you, this is our debut film and we are prepared to go to any level of hard-work to make this movie a success. Let us assure you that we are not gambling with your trust here, we are taking this risk because we are confident that we will succeed.

So the bottom line is, this project wont be possible without your support and contribution. We "Team Abudha" are requesting for your kind support and contribution.

If you need to speak to us regarding anything related to the project before contributing, Please feel free to call. We are happy to answer all your queries.


Thanking you,


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