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Hi Everyone,

I am Ramesh, son of Telukuntla Sarangapani. For the past three months my father has been fighting Chronic Kidney Disease, and my family and I live in constant fear at the prospect of losing him.

This all started in 2014 with a simple blood and urine test. The doctors said that his creatinine levels were through the roof and that his kidneys were slowly failing. It came as brutal shock to us as we were left in a situation where we didn’t know what to do next and had nowhere to turn to. My father tried every medicine but nothing worked, and now, the disease has progressed so far that his kidneys have almost completely shut down. We have looked everywhere for a cure but haven’t found any yet.

It breaks my heart every time I see him go for dialysis. He needs a kidney transplant to survive.  

We don’t come from a well to do family. I am a daily wage labourer, and struggle to put even two meals together each day. In spite of this, I have spent over Rs. 4 lakhs on his treatment. Now, I have nothing left. On top of this, we couldn’t find a donor. So, we had no alternative but for my mother to donate her kidney, even though she has a different blood group than my father. For this, there is additional expenditure on her surgery and medicines.

Overall, he needs Rs. 10 lakhs for transplant operation.

But I am at a loss at how I could arrange that. All of my savings have been exhausted and I am struggling to accumulate more. However, I am not ready to give up.

My father is the bravest and the kindest person I know, and it is only because of him that I have learnt never to give up hope. It is my sincere appeal to you all to help save his life. Please, contribute, the amount doesn’t matter as much as the gesture. Even a little from everyone goes a far way. Also, keep him in your prayers and wishes, and share this fundraiser with others  as much as possible since every little action gives us hope to continue fighting and bring him back to us. For this, I will be eternally in your debt.

Thank you for your time.

May God bless us all.

Yours Sincerely,



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