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Heart wrenching story of lives of KESHAV and YASHODA .

Here am recounting a life of abandoned parents I encountered which stares at the reality we are seeing in Indian society in general.

Keshav is 75 years old and Yashoda is 70 years old who have been deserted by their only son Rajkumarwhen they needed him most. I had met them during one of my surveys. I had stopped by their house in Mehrauli, Delhi to drink a glass of water. While chatting away with them, something which older generation yearns for, I heard their story. They showed me albums of happier days of their family.  Yashoda was nodding her head silently and wiping tears rolling down with the corner of her dupatta. They were both bewildered and saddened by the strained relations with their only child Rajkumar who they brought up as best they could.The story unfolded as the couple took turns to explain and seeing it live in front of my eyes, I could not leave them without giving a patient hearing.

Though the couple has house of their own but their only son Rajkumar, who is working in Uttam Nagar, Delhi is not staying with them. Rajkumar is working in a private company and surviving for his own self. The old couple is facing several medical health challenges which have been brought to notice of Rajkumar. But he has stopped answering phone calls or responding to need of help or duty you can put forward.

Keshav is having problems related to stomach and heart and as he walks he becomes restless and breathless. Yashoda is having slip disc problems and she is unable to walk and sit properly. I could see the pain written on their faces. They need regular check-ups from doctor and all types of tests which doctor recommends from time to time. Also the medicines which have become their lifeline is needed. Due to lack of money and manpower they are not able to get the necessary treatment. They need anattendant also to look after them and give them food and medicines on time and bring them to doctor for regular check-up.

The couple took turns to console each other and the sight gave me sleepless nights. This incident pushed me to think on many angles and how can I be of help to them. So what is the reason for this epidemic? Does it stem from a specific incident, an argument, a criticism taken the wrong way, the disapproval of a new partner, or perhaps it can be from some unresolved tensions from earlier years?Or perhaps expectations of parenting have expanded dramatically. Today we see images of perfect families in advertising and these could lead to envy and deprivation if childhood memories do not live up to these ideals. Perhaps the new generation has become too self involved…There are shelters for homeless elderly people run by charity organisations across India, but these shelters are usually packed to capacity.

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