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Pyare Foundation - NGO
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Pyare Foundation - NGO
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Pyare Foundation - NGO
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Pyare Foundation - NGO


About Foundation

Pyare foundation was established in 2012 with the vision of making commendable change in the society in terms of providing solutions to mental health issues. The society of 21st century keeps them in lot of stress and can't able to get rid of this stress and this is why foundation takes the responsibility to release this stress by various means. During the previous span of 4 years of the foundation, it implemented various projects to uplift the society.

This foundation is after, Pyare Lal Kaul, a lawyer by profession, advocate of human rights, promoter of social justification and equanimity. He was a philanthropist, believer of socialistic ideology, a big thinker and author of the following books –

  • Kashmir War & Peace
  • Kashmir Ke  Shabroz
  • Crisis in Kashmir
  • Kashmir Trail & Travel

    • Mission

    • The mission of the foundation is to encouraging the society for mental health and awareness and to sustain the positive aspects of culture and heritage to strengthen the root values of our Nation.

    • Objectives

    • To provide general awareness to society including hygiene, legal rights, women empowerment.
    • To aware about the mental and physical health.
    • Sustaining the positive aspects of culture and heritage that is to strengthen the root values of our nation.
  • Vocational training is the skill development program which is important to make them independent.

    The various projects of Pyare foundation.

    • 1. Journal of Interdisciplinary Approaches (JIA), (2015-2016) – To encourage research aspects among students of various institutions.
    • 2. Six months etiquette class wind up with stationary distribution (may to Aug. 2013& may to Aug 2015) – Etiquette classes for underprivileged for three months twice. 
    • 3. Book publication - Mr. Rajesh kaul (2013) – Launched various books on career and academics for students and institutions.
    • 4. Post-Doctoral  Project sponsored by ICSSR (2013-2014)
    • 5. Women Empowerment  Workshop ( 14 Sep. 2013)
    • 6. Cultural Awareness
    • 7. Project Rudra (In progress- Planning stage) – To identify and renovate hidden shivalyas and promote them for tourism helping locals to get employment opportunities in remote areas.
    • 8. Project Govind Leela – Establishment of dispensary in remote villages of Uttarakhand.
    • 9. Transformation center (Planning Stage) – transform people and release using various techniques by our experts.

    • The project Govind Leela

    • The project was initiated with the meeting of few enthusiasts in Dilli Haat Pitam pura, New Delhi. The foundation got the request from one of the remote village of Uttarkhand named as Hudu where people don’t get basic amenities due to very harsh conditions. The entire area is situated on the hill which entirely lacks proper road facility. The locals of the village find hard to travel on those roads, in fact they often travel with a high risk specially during rainy seasons when roads are collapsed by the high current of water fall. The entire area is under the risk of land slide and the people suffer the most in this area.
      The education scenario is not also good there because the education is upto only 8th standard and for higher classes students have to travel very far from their location to the bigger schools. The Govind Leela project is related to all of these indirectly by targeting health issue in the same area. The health scenario is worst due to lack of a single hospital or clinic in the village. The foundation got the request from the locals to establish a small dispensary in the village so that they could find easy to treat themselves from small ailments. The team visited village after getting request and identified various social issues which halt them to develop. The locals used to travel over 20 kilometers from the village to the hospitals to get a proper treatment even for very small ailment. If failed to do so, they have to compromise with their life. They spend lot of money and efforts to reach hospitals which ultimately destroys their efficiency.
      After identifying issues specially health issue the team implemented a small dispensary with basic machineries with the contribution of the locals and officials including Pradhans of nearby villages, Block Pramukh, Local media Partner and many more. The dispensary is lacking medicines due to unavailability of funds to provide medicines.

    • Funds allocation

      The funds will be allocated in different departments

    • S.No

      1.Medicines and Medical Instruments1,80,0001500-2000 people of connected villages
      2.Administration and Maintenance1,00,000Organization and expansion
      3.Miscellaneous 20,000Other expenses


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