A Dream to change INDIAN health care into Digital healthcare

By Nandish Kumar

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I was always been the naughtiest kid in my childhood . Everyone would scold me for my mistakes and mischief i would do . After some times it became an habit to threat me every time . I used to be so bored and annoyed . I taught of achieving something in life and make myself proud . Then i came up with an new idea called DIGITAL HEALTHCARE . Why can't every hospital in INDIA could be connected to eachother and access to the patient record all over INDIA . my main objective was to save lives and reduce the medical expences incurred for the patients . The main objective of this project is to 1- Inetiate electronic medical record system in INDIA 2- Reduce medical expences for patients 3- Introduce the term Telemedicine and remote consultant platform for health care . Why cant we sit some ware and analyse the patient situation online . Why cant we give better healthcare facilities . Why cant we be transparent in medical research

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