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As I visit to Qairunnisa Begum for giving money from my side to her treatment. she said she'll be visit by doctors for consultation. still having pain in legs urine is thickened more. her face was looking swell. ( if you see her in latest picture) having walking difficulties. Its will be clear in upcoming consultation and test her CKD in which stage now. She told me about headache and fever since last ten days. She could take medicines regularly due to financial condition. I appeal you all please help her.
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Qairunnisa begum age around 62. living in Bachepally village of dist. Medak of Telangana. she have two daugher and a son, all are married she had living with son who is a driver, daughters are married and settled in near by town Nizamabad. Qairunnisa husband died in 1989 after that she look after her family  by domestic works her brothers helped a lot.

  • Qairunnisa begum diagnoise  kidney disease in 2014 her one kidney reduced largely doctor's said kidney should be remove by operation, but it cannot be possible due to Qairunnisa begum's health cannot be allow operation. Doctor are priscribe medicine for cure kidney, if she missed the medicine her body swell and one leg giving pain and may urine are thicken and color changing. expenses of medicine is Rs 7000/- around. She may visit to the doctor for consulting in a month. Her disease was chronic.
  • This routine continue since 2014 now the problem increase need more medicine to reduce pain and her body changes. Doctors and relatives awaits for Qairunnisa begum health fitness to survive from operation. 
  • My relation with her is she is my Aunty (Buaa) we are relative can't be look like her she is living pain full life. It is my duty to support her what ever i can,  one  day i decided to campaign for my Aunty medical treatment.
  • Qairunnisa are a poor women, needs support from all of us to fight with her kidney disease. do financial support to her for treatment. Doctors said the expenses of operation in future is around 2.5 lacks rupees. 
  • May ALLAH help her

Thank you


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Since March 2017, Qairunnisa Begum having fever frequently and had pain in her legs continuously, urine was infected  she had a walking problem due to pains, as per urine exam the pus cells are showing plenty and urine color is pale yellow. day by day her disease changes in life. she may not going anywhere or visiting relatives. her chronic disease needs treatment doesn't allow to discontinue or interrupt. she may needs funds for proper treatment.

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