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My School My Dream

My School My Dream

Bharat Dave
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Bharat Dave
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bharat dave
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Bharat Dave
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Bharat Dave
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bharat dave


I am Bharat Dave, A social worker came across with a case of our own village school where I had completed my primary education and  I go there once in a quarter to engage with school kids.

This school use to be the best school in our tehsil, In 2011 Head master of this school was awarded as best performer by District officer for achieving 100% results and that’s without having any infrastructural support.

As time passed, situation of this school has become very sad.

Current Infrastructure of the school

This school was started in 1958, during 2008 this school was upgraded up to 10th std because for further study girls had to go to little away from their hometown which discouraged them to study further hence this decision of DO(district officer) helped girls to study further.

In 2015, again this school got upgraded to 12th std but the number of students are decreasing due to improper infrastructure, school building is structured with 8 rooms which was sufficient for up to 8th std but to accommodate extra 4 classes school management decided to merge 3rd 4th and 5th in to one classroom.

If we look at the facilities given in the school even a poor father will not prefer to send his kid to this school. For Eg. 11std students are sitting in a roof less room without basic facilities like blackboard, sitting arrangement. Now 12th std students who prepare for their board exam, studying in school kitchen this is all because of now having sufficient classrooms.

Now what is the solution to this?

Since we can’t build extra classrooms in the same school because the existing area of the school is very small and if we look at the video it is not possible to add even a floor because this school is more than 50 year old and it will be a risk adding a floor, one more reason why school management don’t suggest is due to lack of space for kids for outdoor games.

School management is allotted a 15,000 sqft area to build a school which is just 500 meter far from the existing school, where we need to build a school with 20 rooms.


Total area allotted to school
15000 sqft
Classroom size - 
25*20 sqft
Total number of classrooms
Cost to make one classroom (approx.)
Total cost (approx.)
Project deadline to finish
Within 1yr(post fund finalization)

This is the total budget out of which 60% will be funded by state Government if we manage to donate 40% and this school will be built which will also include science laboratory, indoor game zone, and library.

Whom to fund – Non-profit organization -

Every school in Rajasthan is a registered non-profit organization name SDMC (School development & management committee), a document attached which is taken from state government education portal.

Below is the detail:

School development & management committee(SDMC)

Mrs. Anuradha Sharma
School Principal
Mr. Shankar Singh Rathor
Appointed by principal
Mr. Hiralal Gameti
Teacher (SC/ST)
Mrs Lalita Devi
Teacher (ladies)
Mr. Bhagawat Singh Rathore
History Teacher
Mr. Pradyuman Singh Shaktavat
Science Teacher
Mr. Manoj Kumar Joshi
Maths Teacher
Mrs. Manju Gameti
Panchayat(Jury) member
Mrs Gangadevi paliwal
Women Group
Mr. Kishan Singh Chouhan
Village education development committee

School Bank account detail

Bank Account holder Name
Vidhyalaya Vikas Samiti Govt. secondary school Bhesakamed
Account Number
Bank Name
State bank of Bikaner & Jaipur
Branch Address
Nathdwara, Rajasthan

Volunteers to work for this project

There are two volunteers from the same village and myself including school management would be working on this project to make it live.

Mr. Bharat Dave
FF Champion
Mr. Madan Paliwal
Social worker
Mr. Kesu Lal Suthar
Social worker

Fund received so far:

So far we have received donation worth Rs. INR900000 (USD13400) from the local citizens of the village and now we need USD30000 more to get another 60% fund which will be provided by government.

Can we sale the existing school property and arrange fund?

Again as per regulations a primary school needs to be always inside a village and school management would like to use that property for primary students

What is the guarantee that State Govt. will fund 60%

District officer (Education), state government authority will give us in writing on this additional 60% fund which will be transferred to above mentioned bank account.

Impact –

This school will encourage students towards sports as lot of kids of this area plays Vollyball, Cricket, Handball, Badminton, table tennis and some more games wherever they get chance to play but they don’t get a platform to scale it to next level, this school will help them to compete in tournaments.

Girls are not allowed to go to school far from their village and this is the case especially in state like Rajasthan, if you look at current students ratio, almost 40% are girl students which is not seen in any other school in Rajasthan, this school will further encourage Girls for further study.

Currently this school has only 180 students and as per state Govt. target there should be 300 students, many of the students goes far for study because this school is not giving them basic facilities and those students can join back this school again.

We are also targeting this school to make up to 15th Standard (Graduation) so that three more class will be accommodated which will further increase the number of students in this school.

Lastly, we all works in a corporate environment and we expect good culture for our long lasting in the company then why not these kids expect the same from their school.



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