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Basavaraj is a small farmer whose land has been pledged and is on the verge of becoming a daily wage labourer. A series of unfortunate events including a heart blockage and a broken leg later, in 2015, he was diagnosed with throat cancer which eventually spread to his tongue and neck. He got cancer because of Tobacco. A year later, intensive chemotherapy and radiation did not stop it from relapsing with a vengeance. In December 2017, he was operated and his voice box and tongue was removed. Now he is fighting an infection and is need of another operation – one that will enable him to speak again thanks to Artificial Voice Restoration techniques. Basavaraj dreams of calling out to his daughter, Aishwarya, after his operation. “I just want to tell her I love her.”

Shakunthala is Basavaraj’s wife and pillar of support. Having borne the brunt of multiple miscarriages early in their marriage and her husband’s alcoholic abuse as a result, she is at her wit’s end on how to help now. “Before we had Aishwarya, I even asked him to remarry, but he refused because he cared for me. I don’t know what to do now.” Shakunthala now accompanies Basavaraj to every medical appointment while also single-handedly bringing up their daughter. Her hopes are simple. “I don’t have connections, the government is not listening but I just want to save my husband.”

Aishwarya is a nine-year-old girl who wants the answer to one question. Why is her father not talking to her? Her mother says it is because of the operation, so she tells him stories instead, but she misses him talking. Maybe one day he will #SayAishwaryaAgain?

Today, Basavaraj communicates through sign language and writing. The wave of hospital bills for Basavaraj has amounted to Rs. 8 lakhs, with the previous wave about Rs. 5 lakhs. The couple have pledged their land to repay the loans and the consulting doctor has stepped forward to pitch in as well. Even though their economic and financial situation is strained, Shakunthala is confident of fighting for her husband's treatment. BeingYou has pledged to raise Rs. 1.5 lakhs towards this cause. To help fund Basavaraj's treatment and save his life, please donate generously!

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