Educate 200 rescued child labourers in Karnataka

By Panimalar Anthony Johnson

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Bangalore Rural Educational and Development Society (BREADS) is a non-governmental organization committed to sustainable development. Founded in the year 1993, BREADS is dedicated to the empowerment of the marginalized poor in Kerala and Karnataka states of India irrespective of their caste, creed, gender or political affiliations. BREADS works through Don Bosco partners at grass root level, with children who are engaged in work, given in marriage and dropped out of school. 

Educate 200 rescued child labourers in Karnataka - story -1

Education Sponsorship, Rescue, Rehabilitation and Mainstreaming of children at risk (street children, child labourers, school dropouts, Malnourished children, children affected and infected by HIV/AIDS), Short Term Skill Training Programs for the rural/urban marginalized youth, Community development programs, Formation of SHGs, CREAM - Child Rights Education and Action Movement - in 10 districts of Karnataka - reach out to 75000 children, etc.

The state of Karnataka is battling the menace of child labour, child marriage and child trafficking. Multifarious reasons – poverty, livelihood crisis, migration patterns, inability/inaccessibility to government services, etc. – contribute to supplying young innocent children to the labour market. Thus, children end up working instead of being in schools. These vulnerable children are forced to compromise on education, either to supplement family income or take care of siblings while adults are at work.  The project will directly rescue and rehabilitate 200 children (mainly focused on girl children) working in different sectors like garages, hotels, cattle grazing, farming etc., below the age of fourteen.

The project will educate 200 rescued child labourers through sponsorship funded by donations from people through the impact guru platform. Many of the children are already studying in our boarding/rehabilitation centres and others are participating in our supplementary education classes. The money which is raised will be spent only for the education of these children. BREADS will regularly follow up on the progress of these children to ensure the continuity of their education and to contact the teachers and parents to ensure improved education standard for the sponsored children. Every year, an annual get-together will be organized for the all the children in their own areas.

Help the children to achieve greater things in life by supporting them in their education. Join us to light their Future!


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