Family Office Giving

Family offices look after a family’s wealth and interests. The purpose of a family office is to manage, preserve, and increase the family’s wealth for both current and future generations , whilst also providing for the family’s day-to-day costs.

Family offices represent the interests of families - philanthropy and charity play an important role in it. Giving is an effective way for the family offices to plan ahead for succession, instil values, and mentor the next generation for the responsibility of wealth management. Philanthropy allows a family to leave a legacy, within the family and the community, which extends well beyond the donor’s lifetime.

There is a growing opportunity for family office professionals to guide their families toward high impact philanthropy. Driving this change is the number of high net worth individuals who wish to engage in philanthropy. According to the World Economic Forum, there is a global increase in wealth and over the next four decades, millennials are projected to inherit a total of $ 41 trillion in wealth from the previous generation.

If you are part of a family office, and want to create a better word, you can partner with us by:
- Matching an existing crowdfunding fundraiser to increase fundraising by 25%, 50%, 100%, or 200% of the existing funds raised online
- Donating to an existing crowdfunding fundraiser or NGO as a CSR activity
- Creating a new crowdfunding contest / fundraising challenge on a specific theme area to encourage innovation
- Start a crowdfunding page and invite your entire family and friends to spread the word and create more impact