Environment Crowdfunding 1

What is environment crowdfunding?

  • check-box Pooling in small amount of funds from a large number of people online for environmentally-conscious businesses, nonprofits, and individuals working for projects that protect and sustain the planet.
  • check-box Using the power of Internet to educate the world about global warming, clean-tech and make them environmentally-conscious.
Environment Crowdfunding 2

Fund an eco-friendly project

The biodegradable plant in the village or the solar-electricity project of the town can be made a reality through crowdfunding.

Environment Crowdfunding 3

Start a “Plant a Tree” drive

Grow more trees and protect the environment. Seek support online and raise funds.

Environment Crowdfunding 4

Volunteer for a Green project

Join hands with a nonprofit dedicated to environment needs and be a part of a progressive change.

How it works?

How Environment Crowdfunding Works

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