Fundraising ideas to cover medical expenses

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Help out a family member or a friend

You can start a fundraiser to help a family member, friend or a colleague who is in need of funds for any medical treatment.

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Fund your own treatment

You can start a fundraiser to support your own medical cost and independently take care of your medical treatment without debt

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Combat an Emergency

From accidents to heart attacks, raise funds quickly for any medical emergency.

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Fight Cancer

Raise money for chemotherapy, transplant and other treatments to battle cancer

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Back a patient

As a doctor, you can help your patient gather the required funds for medical treatment by starting a fundraiser for him/her.

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Raise funds for at-home care

If a patient or a senior citizen needs medical care at home, you can help them by raising money for day nurses and at-home doctor visits.

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Get Money for Organ Transplant

You can fund organ transplant cost by raising money online to help save yourself or a loved one.

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Daily Prescriptions and Care

For adults and senior citizens suffering from medical conditions that need daily medication or doctor visits, you can raise money for your day-to-day medical costs

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Back an NGO

You can start a fundraiser to help an NGO that actively supports medical research, helps medical patients and provides free vaccinations or medications.

Medical fundraising has helped many

(It can help you too!)

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Harish raised Rs. 8,15,915 for his kidney transplant.

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Suresh raised Rs. 15,83,305 to treat his baby daughter who battled Blood Cancer.

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Anurag raised 25 lakhs for his wife's liver transplant in just 15 days

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Medical crowdfunding helps you out immediately!

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It's easy, free and effortless

Compared to getting a loan, crowdfunding lets you to raise funds quickly (in just a few clicks!). Starting a fundraiser is free!

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Get help from those who care

Thanks to social media, help is now just a share away. Ask your friends, colleagues' relatives etc. to donate and share your cause with their contacts.

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Reduce your financial burden

Medical fundraising helps decrease your burden by funding completely or in part, the treatment, without you having to worry about paying back the money.

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How can you raise money for your medical bills?

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Start a Free Fundraiser

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Share Your Fundraiser

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Raise Money For Medical Bills

Want to start a medical fundraiser? Know more about how crowdfunding works here.
We've initiated a battle against the biggest killer in the world - Cancer. You can now use crowdfunding on Impact Guru to
raise funds for cancer treatment.

Medical Crowdfunding FAQs

Impact Guru is India's leading online crowdfunding platform that enables NGOs to fund their programs as well as individuals to fund their medical expenses, creative projects and personal projects .
Alternatively, it allows you to donate to a cause you support or , choose from a host of vetted causes here on Impact Guru.
Crowdfunding is the practice of raising money for a social cause or project or venture by collecting small contributions from a large number of people, typically via the Internet.
Crowdfunding helps anyone create an online fundraiser for his/her needs and seek help from people across the globe.
Click here to learn how it works.
We cover fundraising for all causes from accidents to cancer treatment to transplant cost. If you have a valid medical condition that needs treatment and you lack the financial strength to fight it yourself, we use medical crowdfunding to back you.
You can start a fundraiser for free in just 5 minutes! Patient's records, hospital bills and doctor's note are often proved to be effective in getting donations.
Impact Guru disburses funds within 7 working days, after the completion of your fundraiser.
If you have more questions or need assistance to start a fundraiser, you can send us an email at [email protected]

Get help in time, start a fundraiser now!