Be Our In-house Impact Guru

Be Our In-house Impact Guru

If you think you've got it in you to handle the happy chaos of a startup stirred with the energy of working with a mostly under-30 team, sprinkled with the pressure (and satisfaction) of making an actual difference in the world with the work you do; we have a question for you - where have you been all along?
We're hiring troops to build a better world!
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Our Values

Charity begins at home

We're building a platform that is driven by the empathy and generosity of the crowd. We host medical patients and social change-makers who need funds to save lives and change the world. Our team operates with certain core values that lets us support them with equal empathy and generosity.


Do everything from the heart

Never say Never

Don't back down from any task

Speak your mind

Don't hold back on ideas, opinions or feedback


No matter the age, treat everyone with respect


Life's too short to do one thing at a time

Don't be a dull Jack

Let loose and have fun with what you do

Impact Guru Offline

When you put together a young, vibrant team, you possibly can't hope for a dull environment. We are as serious about having fun as we are about getting work done. Take a peek!

Open Positions

Product Manager
Front-end Developer
Back-end Developer
Public Relation Executive
Content Writer
Junior Content Writer
Regional Sales Head
Business Development Manager
Accounts And Compliance Manager
Operations Associate- Social media lead generation.
MIS Executive
CSR Fundraising Manager
Freelance Photographer