World Unity Day 2018: 9 powerful photos of people uniting for social change

By: Aakanksha Parulekar

Published On: October 31, 2018

43% of the world’s population is 25 years or younger. In this new generation, you can see a lot of impatience and passion to change the world. Change for this generation has everything to do with ‘people’ and very little to do with ‘political ideology’. 

These examples from around the world show how the youth used technology, social media and the internet to make a difference.

1: Samvaad 2018


Samvaad witnessed participation from several tribal youth leaders who are leading initiatives and organizations in their respective areas. Solutions to concerns regarding lack of unity among tribal communities, drug addiction, unemployment, gender inequality, ecological imbalance, and so on formed the core discussion of the event.

2. Fighting gender stereotypes


McKenna Pope, a 13--year-old girl from New Jersey in the United States, launched an online petition urging the CEO of toy-maker Hasbro to feature boys on the package of the Easy-Bake Oven. 

Pope was inspired to launch the petition when she found her 4-year-old brother trying to warm tortillas on top of his lamp. Her aim was to wipe out the message our society has lived with- ‘Women cook, Men work.’ 

3. Tackling sanitation issues


Students participated in a Sanitation Hackathon last December to develop mobile- and web-based applications for water and sanitation utilities in Pakistan. About 105 students, aged between years 21 to 26, from various universities in Pakistan, came together to find solutions for 13 water-  and sanitation- related problems facing their community.

4. Sulabh Toilet Movement


Bindeshwar Pathak was the founder of the Sulabh toilet movement and he grew up in a conservative Brahmin family in Bihar. As a child he once touched a member of the toilet cleaner community, and was shamed for it. He then immersed himself in the world of the toilet cleaners ‘scavengers’. 

He worked on a toilet design which did not require sewer lines, but converted the waste into fertiliser.

5. Converting plastic waste into handbags


Anita Ahuja who founded the Conserve India handbags, worked with her brother on converting plastic waste into material for handbags. The designs clicked at local trade fairs, and the company now has a wide range of products including shoes.

6. Rangsutra

Sumita Ghose founded the textile sourcing firm Rangsutra, and devoted themselves towards rural empowerment work in Rajasthan to make textiles and crafts from artisans.This gave the women of the rural areas an opportunity to work and earn for themselves.

7. Solar Lighting firm Selco


Harish Hande is the founder of solar lighting firm selco. He became interested in rural electrification and evolved a successful model for it in the villages of karnataka. He lit many villages with his noble cause.

8. Seaweed cultivation Project Shilika


Dinabandhu Sahoo, founder of seaweed cultivator Project Shilika started the seaweed cultivation initiative after realizing that Seaweed cultivation is easier and less harmful to the ecosystem than shrimp farming.

9. Akshaya Patra 


Madhu Pandit Dasa founded Akshaya Patra organization which feeds over a million school children each day in the remote areas of Bangalore. This has helped in reducing  the dropout rates in schools and providing a nutritious diet to a lot of children.

How crowdfunding helps

Crowdfunding websites help entrepreneurs fund small businesses with financing from the community. For social-cause entrepreneurs, who venture to create a positive change in the world, crowdfunding sites can also provide financing and resources.

The crowdfunding industry is looking to revolutionize a new set of organizations. Instead of supporting up and coming entrepreneurs, these platforms are set out to serve as the catalysts for social causes and nonprofits, and one such example is Impact Guru. 

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