Why are people choosing medical fundraising over medical loans and insurance?

By: Astha, Chiara

Published On: May 11, 2021

The power of online crowdfunding saves yet another life. Suma Kumar’s father, a vada pav stall owner, suddenly suffered massive cardiac arrest. Angioplasty and bypass surgery were required urgently. The cost of the same was Rs 4 lakh, which was impossible for the family to arrange at that point in time. Suma Kumar had already exhausted his savings for the treatment. Due to the lockdown, the family had no income to survive this critical situation. He wasn’t eligible for a loan nor did he have insurance, he learned about fundraising which became his only hope. The generosity did not only give Suman’s father a new life but it also gave the family newfound faith in humanity. 


Stories like these are found on fundraising platforms all over the world. We at ImpactGuru, have impacted 5,00,000+ lives all over the world. Medical fundraising promotes health for all. It does not come with any prerequisite conditions for eligibility. Anyone and everyone can avail the benefits of fundraising.


Difficulties With Medical Loans And Insurance




While the concept of online crowdfunding is quite unknown to the Indian population, it can be used to advantage when it comes to medical expenses. As compared to medical loans, crowdfunding can be a quicker and easier process. Managing medical bills for critical or unforeseen illness are difficult to get through.

For people suffering from a critical illness, raising funds is urgent. During such a hard time, applying for a loan may take the time they do not have. In many cases, people are not eligible for loans. The few people that have health insurance are wrapped around its terms and conditions. For a critical illness, most of the time, insurance money is unable to cover the cost. Many families opt for a mortgage or selling off their home because in most cases they already have used up all their savings.

On the other hand, fundraising has proven to be the most viable option in desperate medical situations. 

So How Is Fundraising Better Than The Rest?



Everyone in the need of medical funds is equally able to access this source of funding, unlike other traditional ways. It is a simple process that anyone can start with. Mainly, unlike medical loans, crowdfunding platforms have a no payback policy which takes off the impending financial burden on the family.  It takes 5 minutes to start a fundraiser. Once you submit your documents, they will be approved within a day. All you have to do then is start a fundraiser and share your fundraiser. Read more about how to run a successful fundraiser

Besides, we will provide you with 24x7 crowdfunding assistance for any doubts and queries about the process. The ability to raise money online does not depend on how wealthy a person’s connections are. Fundraising is to be shared on social media and across your contacts. The idea of fundraising is to raise small amounts from many people which does not burden any single person and at the same time raises a huge amount of money to save someone from the dire struggle to get the medical treatment they deserve. 


We are amongst the people who can’t take a loan or get health insurance. We live off our daily earnings. Such a crowdfunding platform like ImpactGuru can prove to be a lifesaver for many others who share my situation. Thank you, ImpactGuru!” - Suman Kumar (son)


Through fundraising in India, we at ImpactGuru, have impacted 5,00,000+ lives online raising over rupees 1500+ Cr. If If you know anyone who needs funds to get the medical treatment they need, start a fundraiser for them, and make a difference.


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