Which Is The Best Crowdfunding Platform For Medical Treatment?

By: Taqdees & Chiara

Published On: January 28, 2021

Facing unexpected medical bills can be extremely worrying especially in the current financial situation that the pandemic has put us in. If you or someone you know is facing medical bills that are difficult to pay off, Medical crowdfunding can be your best option. Medical crowdfunding is a new concept in India and various fundraising platforms specialize in specific types of fundraising needs. Various platforms cater to different needs, few host only creative fundraisers, some specialize in education crowdfunding, and then there platforms that support all types of fundraisers. In a medical emergency, taking a chance is barely an option, therefore you would want to choose a fundraising platform based on how quickly you can get the help you need. Here are a few things you should see to select the best crowdfunding platform for medical fundraising.



When you want to fundraise for your medical treatment, you’re naturally in urgent need of funds. Choosing a platform that specializes in medical fundraising will help you raise funds faster. Check the success stories and the other medical fundraisers the platform is currently handling. Have a look at the platform’s profile. 

ImpactGuru has impacted over 25000 patient-lives, with a donor-base of over 4,00,000 from 150+ countries which has made ImpactGuru India’s leading medical fundraising platform. 



You will need a platform that is easy to use, which will fasten the process of your fundraiser. When you are in the middle of a medical emergency, a user-friendly platform will help you start a fundraiser with more speed and more ease. ImpactGuru is an easy-to-use online platform to raise funds for a variety of social causes. We are the first platform to launch an app for campaigners, which has made access to the dashboard extremely easy.



Professional Help

Crowdfunding is a relatively new concept in India. Thus, having professional help throughout your fundraiser will help you raise more funds.

ImpactGuru offers 24/7 support. We also provide dedicated and tailor-made customer support to guide you through your fundraising journey.


Flexibility For Donors 

You need to make sure your platform provides fast and easy payment gateways for your donors. ImpactGuru has a flexible payment method and accepts payments through international cards too.

We also provide 80G, a tax exemption receipt to Indian donors Moreover, Impact Guru is the only platform in India that provides international tax benefits to donors in the USA and UK for their contributions to Indian NGOs.

Easy Funds Transfer

We understand that when you are fundraising for a medical emergency you might need the funds before your fundraiser has ended. We at ImpactGuru facilitate easy and flexible funds transfer. You can even withdraw funds on the go with our campaigner app. Moreover, like many crowdfunding platforms that do not transfer funds if the goal amount is not reached, we transfer your funds irrespective of your funds reaching the goal amount. Our platform is designed to raise medical funds in the easiest and effective manner. 


There are various types of platforms available today but when the cause is medical crowdfunding, you need to choose the best.

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