Which colour of Holi do you wish to add to these lives this Holi?

By: Astha & Chiara

Published On: March 28, 2021

Every year, the festival of Holi brings a wave of joy with colours in the month of March. Traditionally, Holi symbolizes the defeat of an evil king, Hiranyakashipu and his evil sister Holika who attempted to set her nephew, Prahlad afire. 

As folklore goes, the whole of India celebrates the triumph of good over evil. People get on the streets to play with colours in the spirit of the festival. The variety of colours represents India’s diverse cultures and values. Our country is known to find unity in diversity. It is safe to say that the culture of giving and togetherness runs deep in the roots of this country.

Holi ushers the attitude of sharing, giving and spreading colours. Each colour that we smear in Holi speaks something about Indian culture. The pink colour or gulaal signifies the care and compassion we have for each other. Originally made from turmeric, the yellow colour stands for happiness and peace. The green colour symbolizes looking forward to new beginnings

This Holi, take the opportunity to extend a helping hand to the people whose lives are at stake due to a medical emergency and add colours to their lives. 

Jeevitha needs a splash of PINK for her liver transplant!

Ageing Karnataka farmer scrambles to save his 11-year-old daughter from chronic liver disease. The parents were devastated to know that Jeevitha suffers from the same fate as her older brother who succumbed to liver failure. “I can’t even feed my daughter proper meals as she cannot She constantly keeps itching her body through the night and can barely even get 4 hours of sleep.” Jeevitha’s mother laments her condition. A liver transplant worth Rs 18 lakh is her last hope. Your contributions can bring her a new lease of life. Teary-eyed, her parents urge you to come forward and save her life. Add gulaal to shower Jeevitha with care and compassion this Holi. 

Bring little Keerthi happiness with a bone marrow transplant (BMT) and paint her in YELLOW!

Fatherless, and struggling with a deadly blood disease with no certainty of her treatment - this is 4-year-old Keerthi’s plight today. Keerthi’s father left her and her mother, Rami to fend for themselves when he committed suicide after her diagnosis of Thalassemia Major at 4 months of age. A bone marrow transplant costing over Rs 38 lakh is her only cure. Keerthi’s single-mother toils as a labourer but has never even seen such a huge amount. “Even if I work until my last breath, I cannot save my daughter. We only have each other. Please save my Keerthi.”, pleads her mother. Your contributions can help Keerthi get a bone marrow transplant and paint a smile on her face. 

Splatter the colour GREEN and help Pranesh get a double-organ transplant!

Another such story is that of a son, a father, a husband, Pranesh Kulkarni. After a series of health issues, Pranesh was informed in December 2020 that he grappled with Stage V kidney disease. Both his kidneys were failing. Diabetes had also caused his pancreas to ruptured. Jobless and ill, Pranesh awaits a dual transplant to live for his family. But Rs 28.75 lakh is an unfathomable amount for this working-class man. “I don’t want to leave my 3-year-old daughter fatherless. I want to get rid of this disease and be there for her.”, Pranesh pleads in desperation. On Holi, help Pranesh beat his disease and start his life anew with his family. 

This year, the onslaught of the pandemic does not allow us to smear colours on each other like before. But you can liven the spirit of the festival by sharing and giving to save lives and make this day unforgettable! Help them defeat their diseases and witness the triumph of good over evil.

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