Ways To Make This Christmas Merrier

By: Taqdees & Chiara

Published On: December 24, 2020

This year has been challenging for every one of us. The pandemic has changed the conventional way of celebrating any occasion or festival. It has created a necessary distance within which we need to stay together and what better way to reach out than start crowdfunding. The happiness of giving and the joy of celebrating needs to be shared with everyone which can be easily achieved with crowdfunding. Research from psychology and neuroscience suggests that certain factors that motivate to give or donate are particularly powerful during the festive period.

In the spirit to make this Christmas merrier, let’s celebrate with people beyond our family and friends.


Donate Toys

Teach your children the value of giving this holiday season by donating their toys or buying new ones for the underprivileged children. Kids will enjoy selecting presents for other children who are the same age as them. You can start a fundraiser along with the children in your locality or can tie up with an organization that shares the same goal. This will help kids develop a sense of gratitude and will motivate them to give.


A 12-Day Campaign

Christmas was traditionally celebrated for 12 days, from 25th December till 5th January, and is still celebrated in some places around the world. You can celebrate the entire Christmas season by starting a 12-day crowdfunding campaign. Start a fundraiser on the 25th for a cause close to your heart and conclude it on the 5th. You can start a fundraiser to distribute blankets and winter clothing to the homeless, you can raise money to support an NGO’s cause or you could also start crowdfunding to distribute food among the poor, refer to fundraising ideas for more possibilities. This way you would be able to celebrate the joy beyond your family and by the end of Christmas, you will be able to share that joy with others too.


Step Away From Commercial Christmas

Buying gifts is a huge part of Christmas which has been commercialized. Take a step back and put thought into buying gifts. It doesn’t always need to be materialistic. You can donate to any of ImpactGuru’s crowdfunding campaigns under the name of the person you want to gift. That way, you give a thoughtful gift and a meaningful donation.

To know more about crowdfunding, read how to run successful crowdfunding.


Christmas is a season of bliss and delight, let’s take small steps to spread the joy far and wide for a happier new year.


There are many ways to reach out and help the community, read in the light of Christmas, let’s make this winter warmer.