UN Sustainable Development Goals: List of organizations that you can support

By: Shreevidhya Ravi

Published On: July 06, 2018

This is a helpful guide for you to get involved with organizations that correspond to the United Nation’s Development Programme (UNDP’s SDG), so that all of us can be responsible and learn to cherish the journey that comes with getting to the dream goal.

"The journey, Not the destination matters..."

-T.S. Eliot

While many of us must have heard this quote, little do we know about the layers of meaning hidden behind this thought. How does this connect to the Sustainable Development Goals by UNDP, you ask. Often, we tend to forget what it is like to travel towards a goal, i.e. the journey towards the destination. 

The destination will hold little meaning nor will it remain memorable if the journey in itself is easy, direct or worse, predictable. Often, we forget to see the beauty of struggle, of palpitations, expectations, anxiety, desire and hope. We tend to forget that all these elements come together to make the final destination worth it. The destination amounts to nothing if the journey in itself proves to lack flavour. 

Similarly, a goal is considered worthy of achieving only after the path to attaining the goal tests the grit, passion and the reality of challenges involved

A goal loses its flavour without the diversity of the problems that helped one to get to the goal. Nothing worth having comes easy and to be frank, if it comes easy, it is not worth having or you’re doing something wrong.

Goals need to be sustainable and they need to factor in a lot of dynamics. A goal can be a lot of things but it cannot be complacent, lazy, convenient, easy or ordinary. A goal should be wild, passionate, flavoursome and should command the spirit of wanting to do things that are bigger than life. The Sustainable Development Goals that were envisioned by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) are compelling enough for the world to take note of and for the citizens to want to dream, achieve, persist and create.

There are 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) in total and they cover a variety of topics ranging from education, poverty to peace. 

In order for these goals to materialize and get the reception that each of these precious causes deserve, we need great organizations that work relentlessly towards these causes. If you were hoping that this was your go to guide to find organizations that take on these grave and impactful causes, then your prayers have been answered! Here’s a list of organizations that you can support: 

Sustainable Development Goal #1- No Poverty

1: Borgen Project: Calling out to powerful leaders


Image credit: https://borgenproject.org/blog/

The Borgen Project propagates the idea/ belief that leaders of the powerful nations need to work harder towards addressing poverty and aims to start uncomfortable conversations geared towards poverty and U.S.foreign policy.

They are a very resourceful organization, to know more about how to get involved with Borgen, find their exhaustive list of “ways to get involved”, here.

2: Concern Worldwide: Working with world's poorest countries


Image credit: https://www.concern.net/

Concern Worldwide works with the world's poorest people to transform their lives. Since its foundation in 1968, Concern has gone on to work in over 50 countries, they have managed to respond to emergencies with a sense of urgency. They have also ensured long term, sustainable development when it comes to the implementation of their projects. Today, with more than 3,900 staff of 50 nationalities, Concern operates in 26 of the world’s poorest countries, helping people to achieve major and long-lasting improvements in their lives. As a global citizen, if you’re interested in alleviating poverty by supporting Concern Worldwide, get involved with them, here.  

3: End Poverty Now: Eradicating poverty through systematic methodsTheir main focus is to alleviate poverty through systematic methods. They work towards partnering with other organizations and fostering communities in need. They also work extensively with sustainability in community led initiatives, while spreading awareness about socio-economic issues related to poverty. They work on a global level to alleviate poverty and you can get involved with them to support them in championing their cause.

Sustainable Development Goal #2-  No Hunger

1: The Hunger Project: Working towards ending global hunger

Image credit: http://www.thp.org/news/world-hunger-day-2018-about-people/

They work extensively to end global hunger and poverty through sustainable methods rooted in women-centered strategies. They also ensure that their systematic strategies gets adopted throughout the world.  

They have a huge presence and have pioneered extremely impactful approaches that have have a great effect on shaping the way in which hunger eradication works in communities. Be a part of what they do, here

2: Akshaya Patra: Providing mid-day meals to poor children


Mission: To feed 5 million children by 2020

Through the launch of their mid-day meal initiative, they have made sure that the only hunger kids have to deal with is their hunger to learn. They have made sure that the kids have a better future by being wholesome- both mentally and physically, just by feeding them one nutritious meal a day. They try and reach out to every child at the grass root level of the society, you can help them to attain their vision, here

3: Action against hunger: Eradicating hunger among children

  • Photo: Guy Calaf for Action Against Hunger, West Pokot, Kenya

Image credit: https://www.actionagainsthunger.org
For almost 40 years, across nearly 50 countries, Action against hunger has led the global fight against hunger. They have continued to work for children and their families by ensuring that they are always available, before the disaster strikes. They have been instrumental in being strong communities that nurture, prosper and grow.

Join their inspiring journey to make a world of difference, here

Sustainable Development Goal #3- Good health and well being

1: Doctors Without Borders: Providing neutral medical care 

The MSF hospital in the Bentiu PoC, South Sudan.Image credit: https://www.doctorswithoutborders.org

Doctors without borders focus on providing medical need where it is needed- they ensure that the medical need is independent, neutral and impartial. They see to it that they provide the best care possible to every single person that they work with. They also work with holding a high standard of accountability to their patients, donors and their staff. 

Neutral and impartial health care is not just a dream anymore, Doctors Without Borders work towards this very cause, with persistence and passion. Find out how to support them, here

2: Rural Health Care Foundation: Providing high-quality healthcare in rural areasThey aim to alleviate the lack of healthcare facilities in rural parts of India. They focus on creating primary health care units that offer economic healthcare which is high-quality. They focus especially on densely populated areas where access to healthcare might be a challenge in itself due to a skewed doctor patient ratio.

In order to work extensively with the complexity and the sheer magnitude of problems associated with healthcare, Rural Health Care Foundation can definitely use your help. Find out more about how to get involved, here

3: Sneha- Society for Nutrition, Education and Health Action


They want to break the existing trend of poor health among women and children living in vulnerable communities. They want to ensure that they are building a healthy and sound generation for years to come. Their interventions are centered around 3 principles — Evidence-based interventions, Scaling through partnerships, and Sustainability.

Sneha’s approach is extremely calculative and has proved to be sustainable. One must not forget the important role that sustainability plays in an intervention. For Sneha to continue to being an impactful and effective organization, you can choose to support them, here

We have put together this helpful guide in order for you to get involved with Sustainable Development Goals and for you to focus on building sustainable intervention(s) well after 2030.  While, it is important to stay true to the cause, it is equally important to understand that there are a million ways to get involved and just remember to - seek, ye shall find! Stay tuned to know how you can get involved with the 14 other Sustainable Development Goals  that we are yet to cover! 

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