Top 5 NGOs That Are Working Towards Healthcare In India.

By: Arantha Mascarenhas

Published On: November 09, 2018

Today’s world is filled with choices for everything, including health and food. There are people going on different kinds of diets, trying out different food supplements, making healthier food choices and trying to eat more organic food. We do this to fit a “Perfect Body Image” description. 

While we have the option to choose and select our lifestyle and food choices. There are others that can barely afford a meal per day. There are about 60 million people starving and malnourished all over India. 

These underprivileged people are in desperate need of help to fulfill their basic needs, like food clothing and shelter. We are thankful to the following NGOs for their remarkable work in the lives of the underprivileged people.

1. Smile Foundation.

Smile Foundation was started in 2002, with the aim to bring positive changes to the lives of underprivileged children, their families, and their communities. It works at the grassroot level, aiming to solve the root cause of the problems that the rural people face.

Alia and Smile FoundationKoiMoi

Smile foundation works on health projects on almost every state in India. To take healthcare to the poorest of the poor and to the remotest places, it initiated a unique delivery model with a practical mechanism called ‘Smile on Wheels’. It seeks to assist problems of mobility accessibility and availability of primary healthcare.

More than 10 lakh people have benefitted from the from the free healthcare services from the ‘Smile on Wheels’ programme so far.

Here’s how you can help NGOs by volunteering and becoming a part of their NGO. 

2. Care India.

Care India has worked in India for over 65 years, focusing on alleviating poverty and social injustice. It works in close collaboration with the State and Central Government to secure accessible maternal and child healthcare to the rural areas.

Some of its Key Projects in Healthcare are mentioned below:

  • Axshya Project

  • Strengthening the Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) Programme.

  • Improving Maternal Health Through Engaging Family and Community.

  • Madhya Pradesh Nutrition Project.

  • ICDS System Strengthening and Nutrition Improvement Project.

  • Ensuring Newborn Survival Through Intervention in the Community and Facilities.

  • Bihar Technical Support Programme.

  • Strengthening Health and Nutrition Strategies in Community Platforms.

  • Care India and Nutrition

  • In Buea Cameroon

  • Care India has impacted more than 24 million people directly and still continues to help people relentlessly.

You can join Care India as a volunteer.

3. AmeriCares India.

AmeriCares India started in 2002 in Delhi and provides medical aid to people in India and neighboring countries. It helps those affected by poverty and disaster with life-changing health programmes, medicine, and medical supplies.

Here are some of the most commendable initiatives by AmeriCares India.

  • Deliver Medical Commodity Assistance.

  • Respond to Emergency Medical Needs.

  • Provide Disaster-Preparedness Capacity Building.

  • Operate Medical Camps in Slums and Tribal Areas.

  • Run Health Promotion Programmes.

You can volunteer with AmeriCares India by clicking here

4. Save the Children

Save the Children started in 2008 and works in 17 states in India as of now. They work to ensure that children grow up healthy and have a happy childhood. One of their major priorities is to make sure that the high mortality rate of children in rural India is reduced.

Save The Children and

They passionately work in the following areas:

  • Child Survival

  • Newborn Health

  • Maternal Health

  • Nutrition

  • Health and Nutrition of Children affected by Emergencies and  Natural Disaster

  • WASH - Water Sanitation And Hygiene.

In 2017, 5.29 Lakh children benefitted through their healthcare programmes

You can join Save the Children, here.

5. Seva Mandir

Seva Mandir helps meet the most critical and unmet healthcare needs in the rural villages around Udaipur. It works within 152 villages and impacts more than 8000 lives yearly.

Seva Mandir and Nutrition

The Indian Wire

They work in the following 3 areas of rural health:

  • Child Immunization Rate

  • Provide People with Safe Drinking Water

  • Provide People with Toilets

What is NGO Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a fairly new concept in India. It refers to the funds that are collected by the contribution of a crowd. It means small funds are collected by a mass of people, therefore, reducing the burden on each individual and raising funds at a faster pace. 

Although there are many non-profit NGOs, they still need funds to carry out their campaigns and provide for the causes that they support. And sometimes it gets difficult to raise money for emergency situations within a short span of time. That’s when crowdfunding comes in. 

Impact Guru is one of the pioneers in fundraising in India. Over the years they have helped many NGOs around the nation raise funds for causes that have impacted the lives of people positively. 

Some of the most remarkable success stories at Impact Guru are those of

They are a foundation that helps underprivileged teenagers get career guidance and vocational training between 14 to 18 years of age. 

Antarang Foundation. Impact Guru.

Impact Guru helped them raise Rs 2,87,100/-

They help children in Ladakh stay in touch with their roots by teaching the students their native language Bhoti. Impact Guru helped them raise Rs 2,39,190/- 

They build a bigger campus for students in Canada and helped them get a better education. Impact Guru helped them raise Rs. 9,03,221/-

It is an organization that gives prostitutes a trade by training them on how to make sanitary pads and then sells these to girls in rural India. Impact Guru helped them raise Rs 8,55,992/- 

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