This Valentine’s Extend Your Love To The Hearts In Need

By: Astha & Chiara

Published On: February 14, 2021

As Valentine’s Day nears, the week of love and winning over hearts is here. People bear their hearts to their loved ones. In the month of hearts, Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Week coincides with the season of love. Let’s talk about it! 

Any birth defect that causes the heart to become dysfunctional can be categorized under the medical term ‘congenital heart defect’. India sees more than 200,000 cases of congenital heart disease every year. One-fifth of the cases have life-threatening defects.

One such case was of Mohd Wali, newborn suffering from congenital heart disease. He successfully received his open-heart surgery with the help of hundreds of donors who came forward to save the little soul. 

 Baby Mohd Wali 

“His own father abandoned him but the kindness of strangers kept my baby’s heart beating.” Baby Mohd Wali’s mother, Farheen was tormented by her in-laws as she gave birth to a baby with congenital heart defect. With his heart failing rapidly right after birth, Wali needed open-heart surgery to survive. But with the inpour of love and support from the hundreds of ImpactGuru donors they were able to raise Rs 6 lakhs for his life-saving surgery. 

Another special story is that of Jigyasa and Kayalvizhi - a story of pure love and generosity. 17-year-old Jigyasa’s joy knew no bounds when she was able to successfully raise funds for 2-year-old Kayal’s open-heart surgery. 

Jigyasa & Kayalvhizi 

“All I wanted was to save this little girl’s life for my 17th birthday.”

After learning about fundraising at ImpactGuru, Jigyasa’s hearty wish was to save a life for her 17th birthday. On our platform, she came across 2-year-old Kayalvhizi who suffered from a congenital heart defect. Hailing from a poor background, Kayal’s parents had no means to arrange Rs 2.25 lakh for her life-saving open-heart surgery. Young Jigyasa and her family stepped up to help save her life and successfully raised the amount for her surgery. Today, little Kayalvizhi has a healthy heart and a happy face. 

While a few hearts have already sought help and keep beating, several hearts struck with congenital heart defects need your love and kindness this Valentine’s Day. 

Lend an empathetic ear to these stories of children whose lives and hearts are still at stake. 


“My son has a hole in his heart.”

When the labourer’s son Kranthi was born, the doctors informed them that he had a hole in his heart. 5-year-old Kranthi’s heart is under immense pressure. He spends sleepless nights crying in pain as he turns blue. With an income of only a few thousand rupees, his family cannot afford over Rs 4 lakh for his open-heart surgery. With severe chest pain, the boy can barely even eat without running out of breath. Even today, he awaits his surgery. This Valentine’s, open your heart to this little boy and help save his life. 

Baby Monica 

“My daughter had no birth defects. But now, her heart is failing.”

Monica was diagnosed with dilated cardiomyopathy at only 2.5 years of age. Her heart cannot pump blood properly to the rest of her body. The baby girl needs a new heart to continue breathing. Her driver father can hardly even afford her medication as she struggles for each breath. Save her heart and show her some love in this season of love.

This Valentine’s Day, you can save several heartbeats from fading and flatlining. Shower your bounty and save lives this festive week. Visit us here to reach out and extend a helping hand.