They fought for freedom from the British, these campaigners fought for freedom from struggle

By: Taqdees & Chiara

Published On: January 26, 2021

200 years of struggle under the British Raj was thrown away with unity and strength. On 26 January 2021, we celebrate the 72nd Republic Day of our country. Our national heroes fought endlessly with a vision of a free India. Likewise, we have seen a number of campaigners who have stepped forward to help free another from a struggle they are facing. In doing so these campaigners have held high the true meaning of freedom. It takes immense dedication to shoulder a responsibility such as starting a fundraiser and finding a way to free the causes they care about from suffering. Here are some of our campaigners who went the extra mile for their fellow Indians.  

Students of Aditya Birla World Academy stepped up to help the family of Kambleji after he passed away

“He taught us lessons by just being himself.”

On hearing about the passing away of their bright smiled security guard Kambleji, the students of Aditya Birla World Academy decided to help. Knowing that the family members would need the financial help after his demise, the students started a fundraiser. The funds raised would be invested into a 7 year RBI bond which will provide the family with INR 15,000 monthly, post which Kambleji’s son would be old enough to manage the funds. 22,55,000 was raised by 354 donors with a simple motive to help a family in one of their hardest moments in life. 

17 yr old Jigyasa shouldered the responsibility of raising funds for Kayalvizhi’s critical surgery

“If socially aware people like us can come together and help save someone’s life, it will go a long way in ensuring we live happily as a community.”

When Jigyasa got to know of baby Kayalvizhi’s condition, she knew she had to help. She searched for places that could help the family out financially and saw crowdfunding as the option to go with. 

Kayalvizhi was developed pulmonary atresia, a serious disease in which her right ventricle was blocked, hence becoming tough to pump sufficient oxygen throughout the body. Open-heart surgery was recommended by the doctor but the funds to pay for the surgery was in question. 

Jigyasa’s fundraiser was the ray of hope for Kayalvizhi’s family. As she dedicatedly spread the word about the little girl, donations began pouring in. She successfully raised INR 2,28,000 with the help of 52 donors who shared their support. The dedication of Jigyasa matched with the generosity of the donors, gave Kayalvizhi a second chance at life. And for her parents, a safe route from a debt-free life. 

On their birthday, two friends decided to gift underprivileged girls a chance at education

“I knew the impact a small donation like Rs. 10 could make; it could educate a girl for a day!”

Mayank & Shrija, two friends who fundraised to educate underprivileged girls.

Mayank & Shrija contributed their funds to Nanhi Kali, an NGO that works towards educating girls.

Instead of receiving gifts on their birthdays, these two friends, Mayank and Shrija decided to give back to society. With the aim of raising INR 30,000 to educate underprivileged girls, they raised INR 75,000, enough to educate 24 girls for a year! These two friends from two corners of the world got together on their birthdays to start a fundraiser to educate the girls of this nation. An act of kindness for a better future; something young India is all about!

These campaigners are proof that beautiful things can come from one fellow Indian standing up for the freedom of another. And when supported by a larger and equally powerful community such as donors, can save so many from falling into a pit of despair

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