The Top 4 Changemakers for October 2018.

By: Arantha Mascarenhas

Published On: October 31, 2018

Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher is recorded saying “Change is the only constant”. It’s one of the most popular sayings today and yet there are so few who actually change the world creating a greater impact on the lives of others.

Today we aim to appreciate a few unsung heroes that have taken up problems which have afflicted the society at large, and found unconventional solutions to them. We applaud these people who have dared to make a difference!

Choosing lives over painkrishna-poojary-india53 year old Krishna Poojary, was on his regular morning walk one Saturday as it was recommended by his doctor, after he was diagnosed with an ailment in his leg.

During his daily 2 km walk one morning, he happened to notice a crack on the railway track. The train that then passed, had further widened the crack risking the lives of all the people traveling in the forthcoming trains..

Krishna decided to put the lives of those in the train before the pain that he felt in his leg. On an impulse he ran the 3 km stretch to the railway officials, desperate to save the life of hundreds on the next train. 

Once the officials were informed, they ordered two trains, that were within a few kms from the spot of the cracked train track, to halt. Krishna led them to the spot and aided them as the officials got the crack fixed.

Only after this were the trains allowed to move. If it wasn’t for Krishna, we would have had heard about the loss of  many more lives. Let’s applaud such bravery.

Breathing through a Helmetair-purifying-helmetHeard of smog? Its a mixture of smoke and fog, and basically makes air unfit for breathing. Delhi and Mumbai have witnessed smog first hand, and while others were busy wondering what this was and how it happened, Shellios, a Delhi based startup worked on a solution to help us.

Shellios introduced India’s first helmet with an air purifier attached to it. It has a unique design with smart capabilities that lets you breathe pure and fresh air even in a air polluted environment.

It looks just like a normal helmet, and weighs around 1.6 kgs (in accordance with Govt. standards). It works on a battery - operated module. It also has smart features via bluetooth, that gets connected to a mobile app informing you about when the helmet needs to be cleaned.

The price range is said to be around Rs. 2500/-. which is pretty affordable for the features that are being provided.

The are all set to make the product available to their consumers by mid November. Shellios has effectively used technology to help society and that’s a really commendable innovation.

You too? #MeToo!metoo-indiaIt’s impossible not to know about the “#MeToo” movement. But for those of you who are clueless, it’s a movement that started when Tanushree Dutta accused Nana Patekar of sexual misconduct.

It resulted in many people raising their voice against sexual harassment  both from within the film industry and out of it. 

Mumbai based lawyers, Rutuja Shinde and Veera Mahuli willingly lend their legal support to victims of sexual harassment and offer pro bono advice too.

They have been connecting victims to lawyers from their states, therefore easing the process of taking a legal action. 

Farmer turned donorfarmer-india-organA 67 year old farmer donated a kidney 10 years ago and proudly states “The man who received my kidney is now married, has two children, and has had 16 more years added to his life. I cannot be more happier to be a donor.”

Pramod Mahajan is currently is on a 100 day motorcycle ride around India trying to promote organ donation as it inevitably saves lives. He wants to make people aware of the fact that there were no health issues post surgery, and therefore it is safe to donate one’s organs.

He started his tour from pune on the 21st of October, with an aim to cover 10,000 kms around India and calls this the “Bharat Organ Yatra”

This month we celebrate ordinary people who have made an extraordinary change that has impacted people’s lives and made a difference. And at the end, I just want to leave you with a thought “The bigger the problems the greater are the opportunities.”

But you cannot make this change without having a resource or fund to bank on. And that’s why we have solved this problem for you!

How Crowdfunding can help

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