Teachers’ Day 2020: Here’s what we learnt from patients battling medical emergencies

By: Tasneem, Nisha

Published On: September 05, 2020


Teachers! It’s not easy to summarise their impeccable contributions in shaping the future leaders of this world. But do teachers come only in human form? Is learning limited only to the four walls of a classroom? Not really. When we talk about learning, the entire world becomes our classroom and the situations that life tosses before us become our greatest teachers. On ImpactGuru platform, we get to witness hundreds of patients daily; we get to shape their crowdfunding journeys and in turn, experience lessons for life. Every medical condition leaves a scar, emotionally, in the minds of the patients and their families. It’s totally on us, to turn the scar into a life-lesson or just a fading memory. This Teachers' Day 2020, here’s what we learnt from our patients as they fight life’s toughest battles with might and hope. 

The experience of being through a critical illness like cancer, or medical emergencies like Covid-19, organ failure, and paralysis, or having met with a near-fatal accident or acid attack can be intimidating. Nothing will ever replace the fact that you have gone through something unfortunate, unimaginable, and tough and as difficult as it may have been for you, you have emerged as a different person because of it. In other words, your journey is a lesson for many. It’s a learning for others who sadly might have to go through similar medical conditions. So why not be their source of inspiration by taking them through your journeys, by sharing your chapters with them? Here we go.

Let's all become students for a while and learn from the greatest of the schools and the best of the teachers called LIFE.



A Lung Cancer Patient’s Outlook Towards Life



A patient battling lung cancer can never look at smoking the same way as one used to before diagnosis. Won’t a cigarette send a shiver down this patient’s spine? Yes, it would. He/she might dread the sight of someone else smoking or the thought of being a passive smoker for years. They may never want to be associated with it. It can remind them of nothing but those painful chemotherapy sessions and never-ending hospital visits again. They also understand the importance of every moment, and living life to the fullest because of how close they came to losing their life forever. In other words, the biggest lesson here is: Smoking is injurious to health. Quit smoking today. 

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Life After A Near-fatal Accident



Can roads look the same to such a person who has found himself or herself hit by another vehicle while driving? Can the speed of a two-wheeler increasing sharply from a 70 to a 140 still be as thrilling as before? “After my accident, I was so scared that even if my son had to step out on his bike or my wife had to ride as a pillion passenger with him, the first thing that I would do is remind them to wear a helmet,” shares a concerned father who has been through an accident himself. 

Lessons are many in this case. Wear a helmet. Don’t speed up. Additionally, don’t drink and drive!


What Life-lesson Does A Person Bound To The Bed Or A Wheelchair Have To Share?



For people who are bound to the bed or to the wheelchair due to paralysis of any kind, their perspective towards life and their set of experiences are very different from that of a cancer patient. The only thing they want from life is to stand up on their own feet, feel some sensation in their body, do tasks on their own without depending on others. For them, the importance of daily life, even the routined life that you may complain about, is something that they crave for. Because their condition might want them to take every step, every action, every movement, with care and caution. Another patient shares, “Health is wealth. Be it mental or physical health, value every bit of your body and treasure it. Stop overestimating the amount of things you can do. Respect and understand your body’s needs and limitations.” 

While helping people with their fundraisers, as also interacting with them to understand their healthcare funding needs, we, at ImpactGuru, have come to understand, even families have a significant role to play in teaching and guiding the patients - their loved ones - with a way out of their critical conditions.


Biggest Lesson In The Year 2020: A Year Filled With Uncertainties 

Teachers are a source of wisdom in our lives; a guiding light, giving you lessons that are not limited to the classroom, but go beyond that. 2020 is a year that needs no introduction, with a global pandemic that has set in and is redefining what the new normal will look like. However, amidst all of this, if you have to pick one thing as a takeaway, what can that be? The art of learning something new, gaining more insight, more perspective over something that may or may not be in our control, is one thing we should take into account this year. 

This Teachers’ Day 2020, ImpactGuru takes a moment to thank all its patients, their families, community of hospitals, doctors, and donors, for giving such valuable insights from their experience and understanding of healthcare. 

Each of these, we believe, can help us help more people in need, not just financially but also emotionally. So here’s to this year’s Teachers’ day, another 365 days of appreciating the lessons learnt from our tough and happy times!

At ImpactGuru, where we see patients day in and day out, dealing with the deadliest of diseases, we attempt to help them with our fundraising efforts for their treatment. However, we also know that the journey they are on is bound to change them not just physically but also psychologically. What they go through with their medical illnesses, diseases, grabs a hold of them mentally and leads them to become more enlightened in their own way. 

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