Support Fundraisers: The Key to Multiplying Your Fundraising Power

By: Rukmini Chopra

Published On: May 11, 2018

What are support fundraisers and how can they help you? Find out!

“Your daughter is in a critical state,”these words turned Kuldeep S Shahane’s world upside down. 

Doctors called for an urgent heart transplant for Ahanti to survive. The estimated cost was Rs. 25 lakh, an amount that would be difficult to collect even for any middle-class Indian.

Kuldeep started a crowdfunding campaign to get help.  

But then came the tough part about raising funds. Kuldeep needed to collect a significant amount of money in a short time, to save his daughter. 

Raising funds is not an easy task. After you have started a fundraiser, you have to take care of its promotion, keep track of its reach and constantly provide updates to donors. 

Imagine if Kuldeep had to do the heavy-lifting all by himself, with the cloud of his daughter’s ailing health on his head? It can be a stressful time for the campaigners. But luckily, he was not alone in his fight and was helped by two support fundraisers. Kuldeep’s solution was simple: gather more supporters and gain more donors. 

A support fundraiser helped him reach his goal amount in a short span of time. In normal cases, reaching a goal amount can take weeks or several months. 

In just a month, Kuldeep was able to raise Rs. 26 lakh for his daughter’s heart transplant!

Support fundraisers: Because Batman needs Robin!

What would Batman be without Robin, right? Support fundraisers work on this ‘super’ principle.

A support fundraiser enables you to start a fundraiser to ‘support’ a campaign that is already being run by someone you know. 

For example: a close friend of yours has started a fundraiser on Impact Guru for his or her child’s medical treatment. You can start a support fundraiser to help your friend reach their goal by raising funds from your own network of friends and family. 

The funds collected on your support fundraiser will be automatically totalled into the funds raised on the main fundraiser. 

The importance of being ‘supportive’

They’ve got your back

A campaigner, especially if it’s a family member raising funds for a medical patient, is eased off from the burden of running a fundraiser alone, if two or more people decide to help. 

Plus, the more number of shares lead to an increased visibility of the fundraiser on social media thus bringing in more funds. 

Covering more channels

Say you’ve shared it on Whatsapp and Facebook, but you don’t have a twitter or an Instagram account. Your support campaigners can help you raise funds through channels you may have missed and thus reach larger and different audiences that each medium / channel has to offer.

Let’s get  started 

How does a support fundraiser work? 

A support fundraiser works and looks almost similar to the main fundraiser. 

A support fundraiser will include:

  • A different title that brings out your relationship with the cause or the patient. “Help me raise funds for my friend’s father’s recovery”  or “Help me educate 2000 children with Magic Bus Foundation.”

  • Different images or your own video which explains your relationship with the person or your passion for the cause. 

  • You can also set you own goal amount. Your support fundraiser can raise a part of the overall goal amount.

  • Write your own story outlining why you want to help the cause/ person and adding your own donation appeals.

How to create  a support fundraiser

If you click on the support fundraiser option, you come across a dialogue box that says ‘Create a support fundraiser to help the cause’. 

You can start a support fundraiser by providing your name, email id, contact number along with mentioning the goal amount. For example: Suppose your friend’s required amount is Rs. 5 lakh, you can start a support fundraiser for say Rs. 10,000 or more to help the main campaign.

Once you are done creating a support fundraiser, your name will show up in the bottom right corner. If you click on it, you will be led to the main fundraiser page as it will be linked to your support fundraiser. 

How to use support fundraisers effectively

For NGOs

Non-profit organizations are always looking for support, as their initiatives are of a huge nature and could use more hands. 

Hence, it makes sense for you to create a support fundraiser when you come across NGO fundraisers that run big campaigns such as providing education to underprivileged kids, building a healthcare facility for the poor etc. 

In such situations, it makes sense for you to raise funds for the NGO to share their burden, as volunteers already have the responsibility of running the organization. 

For Medical causes

You can also start support fundraisers in case of medical cases where there is an urgent requirement for surgeries such as transplant, heart, brain etc. There have been fundraisers for medical emergencies on our platform, that have successfully raised significant amounts overnight. 

For creative projects

You can start support fundraisers to support creative causes such as filmmaking, theatre etc. 

Filmmakers are always looking for producers to fund their films and many of them are not able to start their projects due to lack of funds. Some opt for crowdfunding and raise funds for varied aspects such as paying for film equipment, cost of locations, costumes, paying the actors, marketing, cost of travel etc. 

Your support fundraisers can help filmmakers and their crew members raise the exorbitant amount that is needed to start a film, especially if it’s a feature presentation. 

Theatre groups can run successfully if enough people buy the tickets to their plays. But crowdfunding is also another option for theatre groups to ensure the incoming of sufficient funds. A support fundraiser in such scenarios can hep these groups reach their goal amount. 

For startupsIt makes sense for you to start a support fundraiser to support a startup or a company working towards a  big project.

For example: In case someone you know is working on a project say creating an app or website, building a learning centre etc, you can start a support fundraiser to help them out. 

These people can use help as they would be caught up in looking after their own projects and won’t get time to track their fundraisers. 

Starting a support fundraiser for startups is also advisable as such companies are in constant need of money to implement certain projects, pay their staff and expand eventually.

For personal/ college projects

Support fundraiser can come in handy when you are looking to help out someone, looking to fulfill his or her personal projects. For example: If a student wants to study abroad and his/her fees as well as stay costs a an exorbitant amount, you can start a support fundraiser to help your friend out. 

The same goes for someone looking to complete an expensive college project, an extensive science assignment, etc. 

Who can start support fundraisers?

Ideally anyone can, from your best friend to a good samaritan, who cares about your cause. But in case, you are looking for supporters, here’s who you should enroll:

Friends and relatives 

The first set of people that you should reach out to includes immediate family members and friends. Involve as many groups as possible. Your loved ones can reach out to their family and friends, in turn creating a wide network for you to rely on.



You can approach school kids and college students to help create support fundraisers, especially with causes related to education, welfare for children etc. 

You can involve a large number of students in your campaign, as many of them are looking to get associated with social causes, as a part of their curriculum. 

Office colleagues

You can ask your office colleagues to help out with support fundraisers, especially with regards to medical fundraisers. There have been cases where medical campaigns have raised a big amount overnight, with the support the campaigners received from their office colleagues. 

Social media influencers

You can tackle social media groups on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. and spread word about your fundraiser among them. Many of them are a part of groups related to social causes and can help you out with support fundraisers. 

NGO volunteers

You can make use of volunteers from non-profit organizations, especially if you are an NGO, raising funds. NGO volunteers often have a wide network that can come in handy for you during fundraising. 

How to Bring Funds to Your Support Fundraiser 

Say what you need to say 

When promoting a support fundraiser in social media, it’s advisable to highlight that you are raising funds for a friend/relative instead of saying that you are raising funds for yourself. 

Along with sharing the link to your support fundraiser, also post a note, providing some context to the story. 

Talk about why you have decided to start a support fundraiser; and how each contribution will go on to make an impact.

The tagging game 

It helps a great deal to tag important people as well as organizations on social media that you know can help you out with contributions. 

A gentle reminder 

Keep reposting your story to ensure it’s consistent visibility. Also encourage people to share your post with their friends and relatives. 

If you are not in  position to contribute a big amount on your own, say more than Rs. 10,000, support fundraisers play an instrumental role in helping you raise a significant amount that you can raise to help your loved one. 

Support fundraisers also help students in a great way. For those looking to volunteer at NGOs or even learn about volunteering, support fundraisers can help you a great deal in gaining knowledge about the same. 

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